Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Win, lose or draw, the RNC MUST learn!

Karl Rove has opined that in choosing Christine O'Donnell the Republican party has lost what would have been a sure win for the senate in Delaware.

That may be so. But whose's to blame?

The blame can be laid squarely at the feet of the RNC. This is apparently a hard lesson for them to learn but the lesson itself is simple: stop giving us crap for candidates;

*Stop putting up liberals who have consistently voted for horrific programs that expand government and increase taxes and debt.

*Stop putting up go-along, get-along, good ol' country club, back-room-deal boys we have to hold our noses to vote for.


SERVE UP DEMOCRAT LIGHT FOR US RATHER THAN A SOLID CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE AND EXPECT THE SAME RESULT AS YOU JUST GOT IN DELAWARE, NEVADA, UTAH, ALASKA AND FLORIDA, to mention only a few. Keep doing it and we'll end up with a three party system, and you will find yourself third in line––if that.

Beware the sign of the dead Owl, RNC, and see your soon-to-be fate if you continue to consistently betray and abuse your base!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brilliant observations

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." (Hunter S. Thompson)

Those who are last shall be the most tenacious

In the early 90s of the past century the Soviet Union collapsed, the leaders repented of their centralized command and control socialism, the 16 Soviet republics seceded and achieved independence..without a drop of blood shed: a lesson in freedom a tyrant like Abraham Lincoln refused to learn. His intransigence resulted in the deaths of over half a million souls and an open wound that poisons the union to this day. We of the south, in fact, will NEVER forget what was done to us in the name of Union (which became in the mouth of Lincoln and his henchmen just another name for totalitarian rule and Empire).

Juxtaposing the actions between this American tyrant and his late 20th century Russian counterparts it is manifestly clear that where the Russians were reasonable and decided not to force a blood bath to sustain the Soviet system of centralized power Lincoln stopped at nothing to establish one.

Now, twenty years after the fall of the Soviet union and a half century of centralized, socialist rule in Cuba, Fidel Castro has made big news. Half a million government workers have been sent home, with perhaps thousands more to follow. And, here's the kicker, Castro has come out and admitted that the communist system in Cuba has failed and is failing. If the Cubans are to survive economically they will, like the Chinese, have to alter their system and turn to the free markets. It seems Castro is quite willing to do this---and not a drop of blood shed to date in the process.

Sad to say, we cannot hope for such compassion and reasonableness from our leaders that are so enamored and fascinated by socialist ideologies.

Our centralized command and control, big government advocates presently in reigning in the halls of American power will never be so benevolent as the reasonable Soviets or even the sociopathic Fidel. They will also never be as reasonable in the face of the failure of their policies and programs. They will keep saying it's not working because the effort is too niggardly. They will be like the mad knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail---shouting, even as the economy is systematically dismembered, that all that is needed is more spending, more control, more regulations, more taxes, more intrusion into the lives of citizens--the moment that point of Critical Mass achieved all will behold the gleaming Utopia that will magically appear.

This is just the kind of message Chinese workers get with their monthly required dose of indoctrination served up by Government apparatchiks. They return home and the filth of such nonsense washes off with their next shower, and the next day they proceed to do what God made the human person to do: act in his own perceived best interest.

So, we have before us two classes of leaders.

The first class is made up of those brought up in societies that were struggling. In search of a solution they latched on to a set of ideals that sounded good, but which repeated experience showed, in some critical way, to be intrinsically defective and, therefore, unworkable in actual practice. According to the results they changed their minds and turned to ideals found to produce the sought after prosperity in other lands.

The second class of leaders are those born in the prosperity of those "other lands," but were never taught to understand what caused that prosperity. What's more, they were taught by their parasitic professoriate to have contempt for those ideals and to embrace such vague notions like "social justice," the "public good," "the greatest good to the greatest number," "from those according to their ability to those according to their need,""centralized command and control," ad nauseam.

This class of leaders uncritically accepted these propositions similar in character to those Lincoln articulated in the Gettysburg Address to justify the seizing of power and the avarice of Yankee bankers and industrialists: propositions that beg the question at every turn. In other words, propositions that assume that certain ideas, concepts and understandings of history are settled and commonly embraced certitudes when the truth is they have never even been honestly debated––and some, like Lincoln's claim that the Federal government created the states, are downright absurd.

But the propagandized and truly brainwashed, like Lincoln, are seldom interested in truth, historical or otherwise, and the extent to which they dabble in reason is only to rationalize their position. In the place of debating their opponents they simply slander them, attacking their character and motives.

This second class of leader is what we presently endure in Amerika--and they are so blindly convinced of the ideals they have embraced that they refuse to consider any other possible alternatives. Before they would see the truth they would stand reality on its head, and declare that man exists as fodder for the creating of their glorious, collectivist Utopia and not the reverse.

Because these Marxist abstractions are seen as the very principles of humanity's corporate salvation no human sacrifice is seen as too great to ask––no, to demand! The exalting and establishing Government of, for and by the Government must be achieved at any and all cost, even if it means the wholesale slavery of the entire populace ...even if it requires a massive shedding of blood in an attempt to succeed.

Lincoln, the convert of Clay, Hamilton, Story and Marshall to all powerful centralized government, unhesitatingly ignited a blood bath in the defense of his "tariff" and his "proposition nation" held together by the force of government brutality. Our present batch of leaders, taking Lincoln as their model, will not hesitate for a New York minute in following suit.

Just because their usual M.O. is the soft tyranny of bribery and extortion, Americans must not labor under the illusion of having a benevolent class of leaders. They, the last who came to embrace a repeatedly discredited ideal, will be the most fanatical and tenacious in a final attempt at making that failed idea succeed. What they are doing is the classical definition of insanity. And being insane, they will stop at nothing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Cordoba Mosque, The Twin Trade Towers and yet another Teachable Moment Missed

For some time now the militant purveyors of Islam have been schooling us. And we're not only failing the course––we don't even recognize that the class is even being held. For weeks now your humble Armadillo has been watching fellow westerners debate the 9/11 Mosque issue with other westerners and with sundry apologists for Islam as well. Few westerners, their position on the Mosque notwithstanding, have the slightest inkling what is really going on and has been going on for decades. The most clueless are our so-called public servants.

Professor Thomas Sowell, perhaps the most brilliant and insightful of present day commentators on American culture, economics and politics, opened his recent article on the Mosque subject with the following delicate and highly appropriate imagery. He wrote, “The proposed mosque near where the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed, along with thousands of American lives, would be a 15-story middle finger to America. It takes a high IQ to evade the obvious, so it is not surprising that the intelligentsia are out in force, decrying those who criticize this calculated insult.”

Bingo! Where others have missed it completely Dr. Sowell describes it completely, and with amazing economy and concision. The situation is, in sum total, just as Dr. Sowell concludes it to be: a calculated insult; just the kind of insult the decorous, degree-clad, self-appointed western cognoscenti routinely miss. It goes right over their mis-educated heads. It is not in their universe to conceive that others, especially those whom they clandestinely look down upon and feel superior to, are treating them with such condescension.

Once again Muslims are taking them to school and they don't even know class is being held. Such is the lack of awareness of those made imbeciles by the uncritical study and willing acceptance of western pluralism, secularism and relativism. It is, indeed, a philosophical position that renders its beneficiaries (a.k.a. victims) incapable of philosophizing and blinds them to the obvious glaring them in the face.

Exactly what is being taught to western relativists by this ancient force invading its reality up close and personal for the first time in three centuries? Well, being a westerner the Armadillo has but a limited perspective to say with any kind of authority. But being a westerner does provide the advantage of saying what is understood in the common language of the western imbecile (a.k.a. those having attended institutions of higher learning in the west). If the Armadillo were a Muslim he might put what he understands this way:

Once again we have tried to help you see yourself and you have failed. It is your failure and not any aggression on our part that is the source of your collapse. You see what we're doing as the actions of an enemy. This is how foolish you are, that you cannot see an act calculated for your benefit; a benefit you are, to date, incapable of recognizing, let alone taking advantage of.

I see you are perplexed with my generalities, so let me get specific. We try to wake you up by escalating acts of physical destruction. We're sorry, but you've become so metaphysically insensitive that physical violence is the only thing you understand―and even then you only understand it in terms of “loss of dollars.”

We hoped, by such destruction, you would begin to see your moral decadence, that you would turn from corrupting influences that are rotting your society from within. What have you done? Just the opposite. You've escalated the perversion and those reprobate moral factions and elements have demanded full acceptance and social legitimacy even more vociferously―and they're getting it––and you are powerless to stop it! You worry about us destroying your “way of life.” How foolish.

You are doing such a good job of self-destructing neither we nor anyone else need lift a finger. What we do we do for your benefit. If we really wanted you destroyed quickly we'd simply do nothing.

Look at what you've become; you with your arrogant hostility to your ancient religion and the unbridgeable gulf you've created out of a distinction between the sacred and the secular. You've so dogmatically separated religion and government that you've made enemies of them---something your Founders never conceived of. And this needless hostility has weakened you and has made it possible for the foulest of perversions to publicly flaunt itself and parade down your main thoroughfares―while decent people gape fecklessly on the street, all the while trying to shield their children's eyes.

Your distorted view of your precious liberty has put you in fetters and made you incapable of defending liberty against its enemies foreign and domestic. See how we flagrantly put up our symbol of victory and are helped by your leaders. See how they defend us in the name of “your way of life” and “American liberty.”

You, not us, have made yourselves as helpless as a new born child. You can defend nothing of what your forefathers wrought because you have perverted and misunderstood it all.

You don't see it do you? How blind you are? Can anyone be that stupid? You speak of your way of life and of liberty, but even when you speak of your own ideals you show you don't understand them. I mean to say, you certainly don't understand them as your Founders.

I see you are incredulous at such a claim. “How,” you ask, “can a foreigner to America and American values say something so brazen with such assurance?” It's simple. All we have to do it look at history.

The most superficial glance at past events makes it clear your Founders would never have behaved so foolishly as you in the face of an ancient and implacable enemy. They understood these founding ideals were propagated for the blessing and benefit of themselves and their posterity. These ideals were to help them live their lives. They were not to be understood in such a distorted, doctrinaire way that it made them unable to recognize foreign, hostile and encroaching elements that threaten them. These ideals and values were not to be twisted in their minds by some cleaver sophistry so that the hostile elements could not be driven out. Your Founders didn't hold their ideals in ways that forced them from some misguided principle to slavishly extend full rights and benefits to those intent on using those rights to destroy them and establish their own draconian system in its' stead.

You do not hold the view of the values of your founding as the Founders did because they did not allow the holding of those values to make fools and victims of themselves as you are. You, in fact, have no respect for these values. You only respect the radical moral relativism and narcissistic subjectivism you've been brain-washed in believing as you attended those institutes of lower living you call institutes of higher learning. You do not see Liberty but a grotesquery distorted by the lenses of relativism, subjectivism and pluralism. It is this pervse thing you promote as Liberty. Your Founders would never have tolerated such a thing––not for a moment.

You've been nourished on moral anarchy from the infant formula your care-giver fed you. Your mother's milk was denied you because your mother was too busy with more important things, like trying to act and live like men and game the system to dominate them whenever possible.

From your first breath your life has been artificial, superficial and rootless. You have lived life so shallowly and thoughtlessly that, even now, you do not see that your relativism has not freed you as your perverse professoriat promised; it has enslaved you and made you unable to defend yourselves, your families or your institutions. You will see; we will dominate while you equivocate and talk in circles.

I have little sympathy for your so-called western values, but I do recognize that your Founders were not fools. They were men of some courage and honor. But the respect I give them I cannot give to you, and I'm glad, for their sakes, that they do not see the moral, political, social and economic monstrosity you have created from that hopeful thing they left you, with all its honorable and creative possibilities. Such is the enslavement of a people ruled by bankers. Again, your Founders warned about this. They knew how to preserve Liberty--and it was not by giving every Tom, Dick and Abu Hassan unrestricted license to game the systems of Liberty.

Your warped, distorted view of liberty, corrupted by moral relativism, religious pluralism and a prideful self-proclaimed moral superiority has opened you to attack from within and without. You have let your oligarchic intelligentsia use this distorted understanding of liberty to attack the liberty of a dwindling majority within your borders that still has some common sense and moral decency. You have made them victims to the tyranny of a hostile, parasitic and perverse minority, to which your courts, ruled by mis-educated, agenda driven imbeciles, pander day after day.

Your Founders would never have allowed that. That you are the defenders of American Liberty is laughable. You defend nothing but the moral anarchy of license and call licentiousness normalcy––something your Founders dreaded would happen. You are not their heirs, but the corrupt manifestation of their worst fears. Your relativism has destroyed your ability to name evil for what it is or recognize an enemy for who he is. You have little more instinct at self-preservation than your domestic turkey. Relativism has left you with a system that sees its only virtue as being its lack of virtue.

These things and more we have tried to teach you, but you are dull of hearing. Hate them though we do, we understand your Founders and Founding better than you. Reject it though we do, we have more respect for your Christianity than you. You have less piety than the barbarians and the pagans! How can you survive when you hold venerable institutions with such contempt and twist and distort your founding principles as you do? Rejecting these institutions you are rejecting the only force that has effectively resisted Islam for fifteen hundred years. How could we be anything other than confident of our position.

I doubt that you are as Osama said, "a paper tiger." If you are paper at all you are paper maché. How can you defend your own institutions and religions when you have allowed society's formers to teach your children to hate them? Is this what you call Liberty? We call it the path a fool takes to self-destruction.

When you crumble from your own corruption, perversity, licentiousness and avarice we are determined that you shall not look back on it and say we did not do all we could to wake you up. Perhaps we arrived too late. Evidently so, since you passively allow your leaders to treat you with contempt and force you into servile obedience with their politically correct rhetoric. While you argue in circles among yourselves we are erecting this flagrant insult to the injury of 9/11––all in the name of religious liberty. And you still don't get it. I suppose we could laugh in your faces and you would still not get it.

So with little to no resistance up it goes, our––how is it your venerable Dr. Sowell put it?–– our “fifteen-story middle finger” to America. Ha. At least one American is awake!

We're glad there are not many of his likes in America and that the vast majority of Americans, including those of his own race either don't know him or treat him with indifference and contempt, while holding fools, useful idiots and egotists like Barack Obama and Al Sharpton in such great esteem. We owe them a great debt, for their racially inflammatory rhetoric has created thousands of recruits for radical Islam. Obama, Wright, Jackson and Sharpton have taught them to hate America, blame their problems on America and the white man––now we'll show them how to really “get even.” Thanks a million, reverend! What dupes!

Why do we even waste our time with you? You are patently unteachable. You cannot be taught, but you will be easily ruled. It won't be long now. Just sleep a little longer while the middle finger rises to the sky and the cry “Allahu akbar” will be heard, triumphantly echoing down the steel canyons of the serene New York skyline past where the idolatrous towers to western materialism once proudly stood.

So here we have told you the truth about yourselves--the truth you need to preserve yourself and sustain your way of life and restore Liberty. But we do no fear. Even now we know you will not respond or wake up. Sleep on while we construct our version of a fifteen story "up yours!"


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stephen Hawking: God not needed to create Universe

Hawking said: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.

He added: “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.”


Now the most basic problem with this and other such analogous claims is they always invoke something other than God as preceding Creation. In other words, they substitute some impersonal force for God; a force that could not have created itself. In Hawking's case that force is the so-called Law of Gravity.

Of course a series of logical questions following such an outlandish statement might be as follows:

If the Law of Gravity existed before the universe where did it come from?

If there is a Law there must a a Law Giver?

If gravity predated the universe why its predating? Would not spontaneous creation happen the instant the Law of Gravity "went into effect?" Or if gravity "existed" before the creation of the universe why was there a delay? Was something else needed as a catalyst, combining with gravity to cause the big bang? If there was a delay, why, and who or what decided when this "spontaneous creation" would take place after the Law of Gravity "took effect."

If I claim the Law of Gravity predates the creation of the universe and was the direct cause of its spontaneous creation that in no way precludes that God is the remote and first Cause, creating both gravity and matter and using the former to explode the latter into the mystery of time/space. If I create a work of art, say a painting, I would use specific means; brushes, paints of various types, a canvas, etc. Why do critics of a Creator God assume that God had to have created the universe directly rather than using some means––like His Word?

Why do these fools miseducated into imbecility expect us to take them seriously when they're so absorbed in the empirical sciences and the scientific method they refuse to do the most fundamental of reasoning?

Ignorant of history, philosophy and metaphysics Hawking is obviously oblivious of St. Thomas Aquinas' response to Aristotle's speculation that the universe is eternal. To paraphrase the Seraphic Doctor: Those who claim that if the universe is eternal it does not need a Creator do not understand what it means to be a Creator.

Apparently Hawking (and his God hating, atheist toadies in the media) can be found among "those" ignorant few. Fortunately, the great mass of humanity are not so divorced from common sense and blinded by the pride of their own learning that they reject the existence of what Aristotle called the first cause, the necessary Being, without which nothing could ever have existed.

No matter how Hawking tries to couch the argument he cannot deny the existence of the First Cause and not fall, ipso facto, into the madness of infinite regression, which, like Hawking's comments, have the force of a non-statement. The Armadillo is neither amused nor impressed by this poor man who has allowed his pride of learning to turn him into a shill for the absurd and the irrational.