Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR: setting the bar at a new (and absurd) level

The left has put liberal fascist reality on a whole new level.
We're not kidding.

They have out-Owelled Orwell at his 1984 best.

If they are to be taken seriously–––
it is now not only necessary to be careful to always use Newspeak (especially in public discourse);
it is now no longer necessary to labor daily and diligently at scrubbing the mind of any thoughts or notions that do not comport with the views of the politically correct left––

Something more is now required.

I say this because NPR has raised the bar, so that one is now no longer permitted to "feel" feelings that are contrary to leftist orthodoxy or admit to themselves and others that they have felt such feelings.

Congratulations NPR, you've taken political correctness to a whole new and absurd level.

Dear God! If only Stalin or Hitler could rise from their new domiciles in Hell to offer commentary they would give Vivian Schiller the highest of encomium.

When one considers the mood and tenor of Ms. Schiller's comments on the firing of Juan Williams today when she spoke in Atlanta, it is clear the dictators' comments would please her immensely.

No doubt, she would respond gladly and graciously to their praise, making a curtsey of feigned humility, giving a slight smile (aka smirk) and then responding, "Praise from Caesars!"

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Difference

Now, there are those who are always talking about being "inclusive." They say not all Muslims are trying to destroy us. It's only a small %.
I think that's true. It's only say, 10%.
Let's see. 10% of over a billion Muslims comes to 100,000,000.
So, then we ask what's the difference between the Muslim factions?
Here it is:
The difference between the
Radical Muslim Gihadists
and the
Moderate Muslims is
the difference between
the New York Jets on the field
and their fans in the stands.
We better get used to it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Where I come from this word meant "worthless", "no good",...."rotten". As in: "I thank themther Wynn boys livin' over the ridge up Gabe's Branch are the sorriest, good for nothins I ever seed!