Thursday, April 21, 2011

Freedom Watch and Professor Heldman

I just had an epiphany tonight watching Prof. Heldman. It helped me finally, at long last, understand her and her positions better.
In modern parlance, she's suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
Or (as you say) stated another way, in terms a poor ignorant Southerner like me can understand, she (and other big government liberals like her) are the uncle Tom's of our time--saying and doing all she can to justify the every move, every action, every confiscation scheme, every tax, every moral and social burden, every abuse, every intrustion and every regulation the Leviathan state she loves so much lays upon We the People as heavy fetters, binding us more and more to Uncle Sam's Plantation.
She's as pathetic and parasitical as the politicians she dotes on and adores.
You include her among the "freedom fighters." But the truth is she has no taste for liberty or freedom--for she has willfully made herself a slave in her own mind. The only freedom she believes in is the freedom of the Leviathan state to exercise absolute power over it subjects, We, the once Sovereign People.
She needs no chains from the wardens in DC; she has imposed them adequately of her own will and seeks actively and energetically to bind others.
She as a person reminds me of Frodo after he had escaped from Mount Doom and was laying prostrate on a rock in the midst of volcanic heat and flowing lava: She, like he, cannot remember the taste of fresh vegetables, cannot remember what a blue sky looks like, cannot remember the colour green--cannot remember the Shire. She cannot remember a moment she was not a subject of Mordor and was not the protagonist and defending of every machination of Sauron. She cannot recall when she was not his willing accomplice in his plundering of We the People.
with my deepest respect and admiration for defending Liberty regardless of the cost,
wm. ridenour
duncanville, tx

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