Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ron Paul speaking in Anamosa, Iowa talks about reducing foreign aid and military spending to bring a one trillion dollar cut in the Federal budget his first year in office.
Defending his foreign policy Paul stated,"Yes, we have to have national security, but we don't get it by bankrupting our country and being in everyone's face constantly," Paul said.

The lame stream press, siding with the neocon killers in government, routinely call Dr. Paul's foreign policy "isolationist."
Paul's foreign policy is the policy of the Founders.
Why not call the neocon's policy for what it is: imperialist, aggressive, obnoxious, coercive, hegemonic?
Hey, what do you know! The Federal government treats foreigners just like they treat us!

As usual Dr. Paul remains the voice of reason amid an ocean of mad, imperialist rhetoric--rhetoric out of touch with the reality that we're broke as a nation! Hellooooo!

Why do congressmen ignore this reality and continue committing generational theft upon our children and children's children?
Paul makes an attempt at giving at least part of the answer:
"Congress and military contractors are too closely tied together."

Bingo. The wars are not to protect us; they are not to "defend the good." They are to enrich the few in the oligarchy at the expense of We the People through the confiscation and plunder of the fruit of our labor, either through direct taxation or indirect taxation: ie. generation theft and/or inflation.

This evil symbiosis, which Eisenhower warned us about, is nothing but neocon-style wealth redistribution in order to build political patronage and buy votes--not from the bottom feeding hoi polloi composed of We the People, but from top feeding industrialists; the killer scum floating on top of the ocean of humanity, those who make instruments of destruction and profit from aggression and death.

Of course, this is all sold to We the Tax Payers in the benign form of "patriotism."

The jingoist, Orwellian state is alive and well amongst us, and it infects both parties.

Only Dr. Paul, in the interest of We the People and his love of liberty, is courageous enough to stand up and proclaim opposition to these lies and deceptions.
He gives us a true glimpse into what authentic patriotism is while, ipso facto, exposing the phonies.

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