Sunday, January 15, 2012

Drones of the drones

    Why is it that some pathetic people are so impoverished in their souls that they can't feel "whole," that they can't feel like their lives have any worth or meaning, unless they are intruding into the lives of other people and trying to control them by any number of repulsive means: bribery, extortion, coercion, fear mongering, and threats, etc?
    These drones represent a horrible new technology--facilitating both more federal military adventurism abroad and unconstitutional surveillance at home with, what was the "Newt's" phrase?..."Plausible deniability?" With the NDAA as legal justification and these drones as the means you might as well find a mirror and kiss your sweet privacy good bye--and maybe even your freedom and your life.But the horrors don't stop there.
    Every piece of nightmarish technology America has developed, from the A bomb to these drones, have fallen into the hands of others--and have become tools that can be used against the American citizen. Our government has developed weapons that make one man more lethal than a whole company of soldiers with conventional weapons. Such destructive weapons are evil, I don't give a fiddler's damn whose hands they are in. But it is clear, the very weapons the twisted imaginations of our military have come up with, and spent beaucoup tax $$ to develop, are the very weapons, in the hands of terrorists, that can and will be used to imperil the lives of US citizens.
    The point: we have been forced by taxation, whether direct or in the form of the inflation (resulting from the printing of fiat money), to pay for the very weapons that will be used to kill us by the hundreds--maybe even the thousands.Our leaders and our military, far from protecting us and defending us, are the very means by which we are increasingly endangered.And while a terrorist is here using one of our stealth weapons against us, where will our military be? Where it always is: 1500 miles away supporting and defending the investments of the special interests.
    Ain't freedom freaking grand!

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