Monday, July 23, 2012

Repeal the Second Amendment? Not on YOUR life!

Let me see if I can insert some reason into this madness--not that anyone will care to read it.
Let's start with the very recent past--one year ago to be exact.

How soon we forget!

Norway had extremely strict gun laws--laws that would make the Brady campaign proud. Not even the cops had fire arms without going to check them out where they are stored at the police station. 

The psycho there set off a bomb in town, then proceeded to slaughter mostly young Norwegians on a small island with impunity--for 90 MINUTES with no resistance whatsoever!!! 

Just think of it! He was able to treat the children and adults on the island as prey in a game of cat and mouse for that long because the police, once they got the report of what was happening, has to go to headquarters in town to check out guns. In this case, lack of guns clearly cost lives--dozens and dozens of them.

Q: How many guns did Timothy McVeigh use to kill all those in OK city?

My point in presenting these two examples? The point is that the real question we face is not how do we stop public tragedies like Colorado, Norway or Oklahoma City. The real question is how do we stop psychopaths--especially lone wolf misanthropes that have flown under the social radar and have not so much as a parking ticket? 

The answer is there is no way. 

Sorry deranged, delusional liberal utopians--a perfect, danger free world is not possible, and the sooner you see it the sooner the best solution becomes obvious. 

The evils psychos do cannot be stopped. BUT, the evils they do can be reduced in number and mitigated in degree. You don't reduce societal danger by disarming every one--including the police. In doing so you only make both the public and the police to be sitting ducks, helplessly bobbing on the water.

Forced disarmament makes things worse and We the People even more helpless to the craven machinations of a mad man.

Can the government make us safe? The answer is "No!"

Why? For two reasons.

First, the government is eaten up with political correctness. The psycho who killed the students at Virginia Tech was clearly disturbed. But fear of law suits and accusations of racism prevented the doctors at Tech from acting. The government's bully tactics and the cowardice of academic officialdom were the means by which this deranged young man remained at large and was free to slaughter his fellow students.  That guns were forbidden on campus served his purposes, enabling him to go without fear or resistance from classroom to classroom. 

Second, psychos know how to steer clear of officialdom. In short, they know where the cops are and how to avoid them. Just because some one is crazy or deranged does not mean they are stupid. In fact, many, like the colorado killer, are very bright and know how to get elude detection from the police. 

So you ask, "If taking guns makes things worse, and government can't really protect us, what other options do we have? What will deter killers and save lives?

The one thing the pyscho cannot calculate or determine with any reliability, the one Wild Card he cannot be sure he can avoid is the armed citizen. He has no idea where he is, where he might show up or where, in a crowd, he might respond to the violence.
Because of this, the armed citizen is the one thing that can either limit the evils done by the psychopath, or deter it from happening altogether.  

Of course, we can read about the evils that were stopped by armed citizens. The newspapers are filled with them.  But we have no way to calculate how many evil events did not take place because the pyscho knew citizens were armed.

If we ban citizens from having weapons to protect themselves and others, we consign ourselves to the fate of the Norwegians on the one hand, or the fate of the Chinese people on the other. I KNOW. I've been there. 

In Beijing you can be arrested for carrying a pocket knife that has a blade over 3 inches. The people in China are helpless, and the only ones armed--HEAVILY armed--are the army and government agencies that exercise the powers of the communist police state upon the helpless people.

You stupid people arguing against an armed citizenry and getting rid of the second amendment are arguing for your own enslavement to the control and brutality of the modern police state. To quote the immortal Bard, "What fools these mortals be!"

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