Saturday, October 6, 2012

Social Justice, Compassion and the American Left

The mantras of the left are mere pretext used to seize and hold on to the greatest all earthly power: political power.
As Tom Sowell so often and cogently demonstrates, liberals care nothing about people. They care only about categories, percentages and statistics they can use as pretexts to hold on to power, while, at the same time, making themselves feel morally superior to others.
Thus, liberalism's mantras are a double deception. 

First, they are meant to deceive oth
ers, presented to We the Hoi Polloi under the guise of "compassion" and "social justice."

Second, they are meant to deceive the messenger into thinking he or she is morally superior--and that their message is so lofty and noble that no earthly means, no matter how vicious, costly, destructive to others or corrupt, is to be rejected in the achievement of their utopian vision.

Obama, Teddy Kennedy and Hillary Clinton are classic examples, demonstrating Sowell's point.

For instance, Obama can feel morally superior as he takes our money (by FORCE) and redistributes it to those who, in his view, are among the disadvantaged, all the while letting members of his own family languish in penury and squalor. At the same time, his "public compassion" serves to blind him to his own failure to exercise compassion toward his own flesh and blood--the one act of social justice he can actually do something about without breaking the 8th commandment.

What I find ironic is how many of the "disadvantaged" who have received millions from Obama's redistribution scheme already made a six figure income (or higher), ran big (failed and failing) companies, and were financial bundlers for O's campaign in 2008.

Ba-da bing! That's "compassion" and "social justice" Chicago-style.

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