Saturday, November 20, 2010

The American Schizophrenia

"The preliminaries of the proletarian [communist] revolution, the measures that prepare the battleground and clear the way for us [communists], such as a single INDIVISIBLE now convenu [taken for granted]." F. Engels, co-founder with Karl Marx of modern day communism.

The writer of the Pledge of Allegiance, Edward Bellamy, was a committed socialist who well knew what he was doing when he wrote "one nation, indivisible,..." in his famous pledge; a pledge which most Americans incorrectly confuse as a quintessentially American statement.
It is not.
It is a statement of the monolithic, consolidated state (Engles' indivisible Republic, if you will); the very thing, according to Engles, needed to effectively institute the collectivist ideal.

Bellamy knew his Marx and Engles very well, and depended on the fact that the vast number of Americans did not. According to him he wrote this "pledge" as a means of inculcating devotion of American youth to the Consolidated state.
In other words, Bellamy did not make the Pledge to be a patriotic act of loyal, free Americans; he made it as communist/socialist propaganda posing as patriotism. And boy, did he succeed.

Think about it for a second: With a forced union from which escape is not possible and the invention of a socialist creed repeated daily by millions of Americans from their earliest school years, is it any wonder we have been sucked into socialism and now almost reflexively look to the Central government for every solution and the exercise of every power?

Marx wrote "Religion is the opiate of the people."
This, of course, is a lie. Religion is, among other things, the divine consolation of We the People who must suffer under the hand of government tyrannies concocted by pathetic losers like Marx––a man consumed by envy and covetousness.
If we consider there is some truth in Marx's statement about religion and the necessary role it plays, it is not hard to see that the Consolidated American state that rose out of Mr. Lincoln's unconstitutional war is the perfect foil even Marx did not consider in his plan.
In the Consolidated American state we have the best of both worlds---if you're part of the ruling elite. It is the perfect foil because it can effectively dispense with Religion altogether.
Why? Because the oppressor can also pose as the consoler, not unlike an abusive husband comforts the battered wife with hugs and crocodile tears. That is, simultaneously we receive oppression from the Consolidated State in practice and consolation from the Consolidated state in the form of rhetoric.
In other words, we suffer under a Hamiltonian tyranny in practice while being fed the rhetoric of Jeffersonian individualism to make us think we're still free.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote, "No people is more enslaved than those who falsely believe themselves to be free."
The America historical schizophrenia is the perfect means by which a tyrannical government can most effectively carry out such a delusion among We the People--especially when it has also usurped the means of "educating" the masses in public propaganda mills--uh, I mean, schools. It is there our children are propagandized for a minimum of a dozen years to become good little Barackobots.
If only Marx and Engles could be here to see how effectively all this has worked in the post-Linconian former Republic of Republics they would immediately begin feverishly revising their tactical writings to include such an approach.

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