Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nullification and Secession

Nullification would be a big step to liberty---but ultimately an express rather than implied right to Secession (a right all the states understood until that snake Lincoln rose to power) should also be added to the Constitution.

I say this because the growing tyranny and brazen contempt the Feds have for We the People. Clearly, nullification and interposition do not provide sufficient bonds to bind the kind of tyranny the Centralized Monstrosity is capable of bringing forth up there in Mordor on the Potomac.

Without that express guarantee, a state would exhaust all its means for justice, and, as a last resort try to secede like one of the 16 Russian republics in 1989.

When that happened, unlike that EVIL Soviet government (allowing peaceful secession without shedding a drop of blood) our BENEVOLENT Federal government would carry on yet another benign, gentle resistance (aka, invasion), under the guise of yet another false philanthropy.

Under the aegis of such compassion history would repeat itself, another half-million would die, a whole culture and region would be totally devastated and remain so for over a century, the seceding state would be reduced lower in status than a conquered province and its people would become the scapegoat upon which every national social and cultural ill would be placed.

The Take Away from this is simple:
The cognitive dissonance between rhetoric and reality is always instructive, but never so much so as when you are dealing with politics and politicians, whose main skill, after all, is that of muddying the waters by means of rhetorical obfuscation. Pay no heed to their words, for they are only there to misinform, mislead and misdirect. Rather, watch their actions like a hawk––and respond accordingly.

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