Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Liberals continue to run up debt, even while we're on the cusp of total economic collapse.I wrote this song in honor of their persevering in their madness. This should be sung to the tune of "Smile." Nat "King" Cole's version:


Spend even though you’re dead broke,
Spend like it’s all a big joke
When interest rates make the voters irate.
Pay no heed and proceed to borrow.
Spend and maybe tomorrow
We’ll be debt free somehow you hope, you dope!

Lard up those bills with excess,
Fund lobbyists with largess
Although the vault has less than even naught;
That’s the time you must keep on spending
Like bucks are never ending;
You’ll find it all will be okay, (Jolson aside: "after all.")
Your kid's kids can pay.

Coins, go ahead and mint them,
Bucks, tell the Fed to print them,
Until they're not worth a tittle or jot,
That's the time you must forget thrift and
Say, "Screw that Peter Schiff, man!"
Just keep repeating what Keynes said--
"In the long run we're dead."

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