Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Ron Paul must enter GOP 2012 presidential primary

Ron Paul has now won two CPAC presidential polls in a row. Yet, Donald Trump, media hound, showed up (after he supported Obama last election) to announce to CPAC that Dr. Paul cannot win in 2012. This, of course, outraged many Paulites. But just for a moment let's consider that Trump is right...
Okay, are you considering it? Good. Now consider this: even if Paul can't win in 2012 it doesn't change a thing in regard to whether he should or should not run: He must run, and here's why:

Even if Dr. Paul can't win consider the potential effect of his prospective 2012 campaign in the light of the changes we've experienced since Dr. Paul threw his hat in ring in 2008.
1. Dr. Paul, as we've said, has won 2 CPAC straw polls in a row.
2. The consciousness of more and more Americans is now fixed on the economy, the Fed and the massive debt hanging over the nation because of out of control government spending.
3. The Tea Party movement is now a fixture in American political life--and has shown not a little staying power--even to the point of establishing or supporting a real third party should the Republicans betray the promises that put them back in power in 2010.

These things and much more have all served to focus Americans on the very issues that Dr. Paul has been talking and warning about for over two decades--to a populace and a political class that has not only been deaf to his message––it has often been contemptuous and derisive at times. In fact, Dr. Paul has often suffered ridicule and humiliation for his principled defense of the Constitution.
But recent economic and social events have changed all that. No longer can the press disrespect Dr. Paul like they did in 2008. No longer can they shut him out of the process and refuse him entry to nationally televised presidential primary debates.
If Dr. Paul makes the sacrifice to run, he will, no doubt, be a dark horse in many ways. But running in the primaries for 2012 will allow him to be heard like he has never been heard before by more and more people who are open to his message.

I contend that if Dr. Paul enters the primary he will, at the very least, be able to influence both the substance and direction of the debate in the most positive of ways. He will be able to use this national stage to better fix many critical issues in the minds of Americans that appertain to our economic health and personal liberty that will be of enduring benefit to We the People. Running will give him a much better opportunity in 2012 than he had in 2008 to draw attention to many realities that most candidates would rather ignore and sweep under the rug. In short, nothing but good can come from Dr. Paul entering. Whether he wins, loses or draws--it will be a win for Libertarian conservatism, for the Constitution and for the American people.
Run Ron, run!

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