Monday, August 29, 2011

An Open Letter to Jeff Bolton, KLIF radio, Dallas

Dear Jeff,
It looks to me like you're being very unfair to Dr. Paul. By presenting his policies and ideas isolated from one another you are missing the fact that his policy positions are all integrated and interdependent--that a part cannot be rightly and fairly understood without looking at the whole.
For instance, you are constant tearing down on Dr. Paul's foreign policy as "nuts", but have occasional good things to say about his domestic fiscal policy. I say these two policies reinforce and support each other and the success of one depends greatly upon the success of the other.
Let this sink into your ears: You'll NEVER have a successful domestic fiscal and social policy if it runs concomitant with an aggressive and hegemonic foreign policy. The success of such a combination have never been know in history.
But it seems to me you have bought into the Neocon fear mongering to the point you seem to be blind to that. And what has listening to that fear mongering gotten us the past two decades? It has gotten us in massive debt, in foreign policy quagmires that seem to have no purpose and no end, and generally hated throughout the world.
The Neocon's policies are destroying us just as the aggressive imperialist policy of the leaders helped bring the Soviet Union down in the 1980s. But do you see the correlation?? Dr. Paul does.
Next, this morning you asked if any listeners would want Ron Paul in the White House during a 9/11--I ask in response what if we had a foreign policy that was not hegemonic, that did not scatter our military around the world in places where our presence is resented and even hated (while at the same time leaving us virtually defenseless at home) and that did not invite and aggravate the possibility of a 9/11?
Why do you focus on what to do during a 9/11 but ignore what we can honorably do to avoid one? It boggles my mind. What could you be thinking?

In doing what you're doing you're behaving like the blind man feeling of the elephant, and to any one who is thoughtful about these matters it looks like you're either simplistic and not very bright, or you're doing your best to attack Dr.Paul without allowing any adequate response. And if you think some caller who is given limited time to speak, is probably nervous and has no time to prepare is adequate response I beg you to reconsider.

If you want to be fair let me encourage you to have an extended give and take with Dr. Paul on the air--give him time to explain the inner coherence of his policies and how they can bring about the deep systemic changes we need to re-establish constitutional norms, bring about an honorable peace, reduce the raping and pillaging government is doing to feed the policies of the welfare/warfare state and protect and restore our liberties.

Since they have no coherent, interdependent vision that I can see reporting the isolated policies of the other candidates does them no great disservice. Reporting their policies is doing little more than reporting how each would arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.
Not so with Dr. Paul. His interdependent, coherent view of systemic renewal will result in healing the breech in the hull and uprighting our ship of state, and it needs to be presented in an organic fashion to be properly understood.
Personally, as one who is thoughtful, and seems to have libertarian sympathies I'm shocked that you have failed to see this.
Tom Ridenour

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