Sunday, September 4, 2011

follow up letter to Jeff Bolton, KLIF talk show host

Mr. Bolton,
This will make the third time I've written you--the first two letters garnering no response.
My main subject in those previous posts was your unfairness to Dr. Paul and his foreign policy. I posted the second letter on my blog;
This is a brief follow up to say just a few things.
I believe now...
1....your patriotism is misplaced, for it supports Federal foreign policies that only grow government, bringing American to penury at home and make us increasingly hated abroad.
2. have been fooled into thinking a Wilsonian/T. Roosevelt-like progressive foreign policy, a la the Neocons, is both conservative and patriotic. You are tragically wrong on both issues. True conservatism is non-interventionist--non-nation building--non-aggressive and does not act preemptively.
Your failure to acknowledge this as a possibility, your refusal to see it as an historical fact, and your refusal to consider that Dr. Paul's foreign policy might bring peace and prosperity to America is either blindness or intransigence driven by the stubbornness of human pride.
Your refusal to consider that continuing to waste our wealth and the lives of our youngest and best in wars that are driven by profiteers and hegemonic propagandists makes you complicit in the criminal acts and policies of our government that are destroying our economy, our nation and the future for our children.
I will be posting this on my blog as I did my previous post to you. Thank you for showing who you really are by completely disregarding the thoughtful communiques of your listeners. I thought you were a courageous man by how you comported yourself when Beck attacked Medina. But I am now sad to see you've swallowed the Neocon propaganda now, hook, line and sinker--and both your intellect and your courage have failed you.
Tom Ridenour, Duncanviile

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