Saturday, December 31, 2011

Response to a fellow Southron

Lynda wrote: "I think all this talk about the South leaving the US and becoming a separate nation is just plain unreal and makes no sense to me. I've been reading and listening to you all but I just think that is not giving the Southern people credit for our intelligence and hard work of making a contribution to our country."

Response I:
Lynda, here's my issue with your statement. I think you have the matter, as stated, standing on its head.

In the whole muddle and madness of the debate regarding secession one thing is clear: It is not southern partisans, but those who cannot separate their identity as Americans from the renegade, hostile, unconstitutional gang of thieves, corporatists and banksters in Washington who insult the intelligence of all Americans. It is those who teach others to acquiesce as they do, drink the government kool aid and get on the bandwagon to Uncle Sam's Plantation––it is those, and not southern partisans, who insult the intelligence of the Southern people.

You seem to be saying in order to be a patriotic American I must regard myself as joined at the hip with that THING in Washington. You seem to be saying I must support it in all its unconstitutional wars, frauds and policies clearly driven by elites and special interests to the great harm of We the People?

You mean to tell me that a true American must be, de facto, a mindless unionist; union no matter what? Even if union means bending the back to full blown socialism, communism, and total consolidation of all power in the presidency?--even if it means casting aside the appearance of having a constitution--even if it means accepting the lawlessness and arbitrariness of tyrannical, autocratic rule and complete centralized control of the entire populace? This is clearly where the present regime is headed, full steam. You mean we should embrace union even when it means these things?

Asking us to cling to union and Washington and asking us to accept and "work within" the abusive and lawless litany of things I just mentioned are not two different requests; they're one and the same thing. The list I gave is not some future 1984, it is a present, sorry reality.

The insult to intelligence of Southerners is to teach false history to their children, history filled at best with half-truths, history depriving them of the truth of their heritage; history designed to make them ashamed to be southern, ashamed of their ancestors, and telling them they must live a life as second class citizens, hanging their heads in perpetual penance, always being the suspect of bigotry and racism--and unable to prove themselves innocent--unable to have their message heard that all they want is to be let alone and have the dignity of their natural rights-which includes the rights of self-government.To intimate such things to Southerners is not just a supreme insult to our intelligence, but to our persons and the Imago Dei stamped upon our souls as well. To accept union is, ipso facto, to accept these slanders as truth, for one cannot embrace Washington and union without embracing them as the historical and cultural coin of the realm.

What is it we fight? We fight the cultural genocide poisoning the minds and hearts of our citizens in endless forms of propaganda--materialist propaganda spread by collectivists, by court historians, slickly presented to the ignorant and poorly schooled in their "mocumentaries" on the so-called History Channel. All Reich-approved to be sure, by those who would consolidate all power in the hands of a few, utterly disregard our Founding, our Constitution and our rights, and sell not only our birth right in liberty, but the very soil of our ancestors out from under our feet. (Government created core inflation is doing just that. War will not be necessary for foreign take over. Monetary collapse will do that without a shot being fired. Then the full-blown slavery will begin in earnest).

We deny that being a proud American requires union with this filth and corruption--this Treason posing as patriotism, this THING all decent humans should be ashamed of.

We believe people have a right to govern and rule their own lives, to live and be proud of their own culture and continue to grow and develop and appreciate the things that are good in it and correct the things that are bad as THEY see fit...all this being done by the free effort of honorable people, not by the corrupt and corrupting force of the crude and iron hand of government, enforced by the mindless military drones they send to invade the sovereign lands of sovereign peoples.

The monstrosity in Washington does not believe this. It believes you and I are below the state and the collective. They believe you are the servant of the government, not the other way around. And they couch this inversion of our great Revolution in pious sounding phrases like, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." To echo Ron Paul, I have a great fondness for the first part of that statement.

Their policies, their actions, their abuse of freedom and liberty, their constant trashing of the Constitution, their lawlessness and increasingly autocratic rule--these and many other like things form a virtual mountain of vindication for the secession of 1861. Resistance to these is why we fight.

Why do we persist in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds? Let me respond anecdotally.
Mother Teresa told a reporter who mocked her efforts of saving those on the Calcutta streets while thousands continued to die, "God did not call me to succeed. He just called me to be faithful."
Lott preached against the evils of Sodom, and no one listened. When asked why he persisted though it was plain no one would hear, Lott replied, "At first I preached to change them and thought they would. It has long been clear to me that they will not. I persist now, not to change them, but that so they will not change me."

These are some of the reasons we continue and do not give up hope--we KNOW we are the true Americans, we know we have the only authentically true American culture, we know we were and are the faithful ones to the Constitution, we are the principled ones and our cause is right and just.

Knowing that, it would be an immoral act to give up and become just another kool aid drinker--for those are the only two choices. There is no, as Aristotle would put it, middle way. There is no compromise with tyranny. To think one can work within its broken and corrupt system to reform that THING is a fool's errand. It is the apex of Quixotic madness. Washington will no more reform than Sodom would repent. It is a supreme insult to the intelligence of Southerners to continue to tell them reform is just around the corner of the next election cycle.

If we gave up the desire, longing and hope to separate ourselves from this irreformable evil it would be a betrayal of those who died a century and a half ago, of those who, since then, have persisted in upholding the meaning and rightness of the Southern cause, of those who have labored to rescue and preserve the whole truth; it would be a betrayal of ourselves and our consciences, and perhaps most importantly, a betrayal of our children and the generations that follow.

Barry Goldwater said extremism in the cause of liberty is no vice. Barry Goldwater was right.

We are not obstinate, we are not ignorant. Au contraire! We are simply unreconstructed. Stated another way, we cling to the American principle of self-determination and reject the centralizing force of the teleological principle underlying Lincoln's proposition nation: government enforced equality.

We rightly see the principle of equality for what it is: the false philanthropy the political tyrant uses to cloak the true reasons for his actions. As a principle, equality has been used in law to deconstruct the edifice of the Constitution one brick at a time, and philosophically to generated endless social revolution and to justify ceaseless and costly military adventurism all over the world.

Stated another way,"Ye shall know them by their fruits." So the Lord said. And what have been the fruits of government enforced equality, of Lincoln's teleological constitutionalism? These evils have cost We the People our liberty, our Constitution and countless amounts of blood and treasure--and FOR WHAT?!? For the enrichment of the ruling elites and increased consolidation of power in Washington, that's what: the very thing our Founding ancestors dreaded and feared most--the very thing they knew would be the death knell of our liberty.

It is an insult to our intelligence and an immoral suggestion to say we should give up and accept the present form of union as the inexorable and immutable existential fatalism of Americans. What claptrap, what utter asininity!

Response II:
Lynda, I really don't think you grasp what has been going on--I don't think you see the grotesque beast standing in the room that is the awful progeny of the union of the ménage á trois of the donkey and the elephant with Marxism. If only Joe McCarthy could see how right he was!

If there never had been a war between the states, if not one drop of Southern or Northern blood been shed, decent human beings everywhere would protest against what is being done to us in Washington and how their every move takes each and every one of us and our children deeper into penury and slavery. Decent people would be protesting against what this government has done and is doing to millions around the world in our name.

It doesn't take a Southerner to see this--I know, because millions who have no direct allegiance to the South are waking up to the horrible reality and beginning to see the government for what it has become--and they rightly hate what they see.

Any man who loves liberty cannot love this Great Imposture in Washington that has usurped our once glorious Republic. Sadly, not all men love liberty...

Response III:
Lynda, I believe what you and every American must answer, and answer with unflinching honesty is this:
Is the quintessential American principle that of "Union?"
Or is the quintessential American principle that of "Liberty?"

I believe the answer the Founders would give, with few exceptions, would be a resounding slam of fists upon the table of deliberation and a clarion cry of "Liberty! Liberty is our principle, Liberty, our sine qua non!"

What would our Founders say if they were faced with a reality that showed them that union was being perpetuated only at the continual loss of liberty? Who can doubt that they would stand with the great American poet, Robert Lee Frost, and say, "For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail?"

Ask yourself, If, in union's checkered development, the central principle of liberty has been replaced with a foreign and even hostile metaphysic (equality) that has caused union to metastasize, so that its every development is an ever further abrogation of Liberty, can that union continue to be rationalized as truly American?

If those who have seized power carry the laws and the land further and further away from the vision of the Founders and ever closer to the tyranny and Jacobin madness of the French revolutionaries, can that government continue to be rationalized as truly good, as truly worthy of our wholehearted and unwavering support? Or should we desire and labor for separation from it?

What is patriotism? Loyalty to Union über alles? Or Loyalty to Liberty? Ask yourself these things and reflect long upon them. I don't think you ever have.

For a long time now the government and its leaders have been laboring day and night to make sure you never do.

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