Sunday, December 18, 2011


"What have the people become when they sit idly by and let this go forward without complete and total resistance? They have become slaves to the state, and they have become slaves voluntarily!"

Thoughts upon reading

We all know that we suffer the consequences of our actions. Usually retribution comes swift and sure, especially to those of us not possessing of power or wealth.

Those who do possess such earthly goods are always able to use their power and wealth to shield them from consequences that flow from actions driven by their own stupidity, greed, malice or ignorance. Instead, the suffering is deflected to others, most usually others associated in some way with the malefactor.

If this is so with individuals who are rich, how much more will it not be the case with the institution that is the historical sine qua non for the consolidation of wealth and power: the Federal Government of the United States?!

The fact is, the failures of our leaders in specific, and our government in general, have already been repeatedly shunted off onto We the People.

The wars in the middle east were not caused by horrific government policy, but by the way We the People live–––our lifestyles; our economic woes have not been caused by the government's stupid restrictions, confiscatory taxation and costly, stifling regulations, but by We the People "getting a little bit lazy" in recent years. The evils of guns are not due to wrong-headed government policies and programs, but by We the People selling weapons irresponsibly to criminals and drug lords. (That, at least, was the scenario our so-called Justice Department hoped to create with Fast and Furious, to use it as an yet another excuse to take our guns from us and render us increasingly helpless before government might. (However, in the case of "Fast and Furious" there was just one little hitch: THEY got caught).

As future government schemes and policies increasingly fail, the blame will increasingly be put on us; We the People. Let there be no doubt about it. We the People will be made the scapegoats for the failure, folly and misadventures of an Obama administration or worse. And with blame always comes punishment--punishment the Federal Government will exact upon We the People. We the People, indeed, are to the Federal government what the whipping boy was to the British princes.

Once S-1867 is made into law, the stage will be set for the kind of military takeover and rein of terror analogous to what happened during the brutal rule of Argentina's military junta of the 1970s. In this period citizen after citizen vanished without a trace. But the American government will be like Argentina on steroids.

You say the NET can be used to call attention to our plight regarding the tyranny of the Federal leaders and the brutality of the military--our own sons and daughters shooting and killing us (like they have before), our own neighbors spying on us?

I say nonsense. The power is also being put in place to shut down the NET with the flick of a switch. Our Federal government is setting it all up so they can control every means of communication. Everything is being prepared to crush any kind of rebellion, and silence any kind of outcry as these incompetents visit brutality upon We the People; brutality that ought rightfully fall upon them. But let's face the cold facts. Even if a cry went out, who in the world would or could come to our rescue? Who would take on the military might of this government in a Quixotic effort to protect and defend us?

Brutal squads from the Federal government, analogous to those that terrorized Southerners for over a decade during Reconstruction, will be spread throughout the entire land. Paranoia will rein, because citizen won't trust citizen, and no one will know who and who isn't a government snitch and stool pigeon.

God help us. What we've seen up to now is only the beginnings of sorrows--sorrows flowing to We the People from where it historically always has: the People's own government.

Few reflect upon the truth that our government, due to its' brutal and unconstitutional invasion of the South, has killed more of its' own citizens than all other governments who have fought us combined. Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler---by far! Hitler killed more Germans than Stalin did! Mao killed more Chinese than any enemy in history, and Cambodia's government became the agents of intellectual genocide on its' own people.

History gives clear, clarion and unequivocal witness that the institution the people should fear the most is its' own government and its own rulers. It is not China or Iran that the American people should fear. We have little or nothing to fear from them. But we should fear greatly the rapacious beast that sits in our midst, hiding in plain sight on the banks of the Potomac river, in what was once a cesspool of a swamp. A swamp. How fitting! The swamp was drained to create the National Capital--but apparently the rats remained to infest what was built.

Count on the 2012 election to be the lowest, the dirtiest, the most violent and vicious since Lincoln's second election, which he clearly stole through military brutality and intimidation--especially in New York state.

We teeter on the precipice of an autocracy, tyrannical and vicious. And once it is officially declared the excuse will be that We the People have become disorderly, and autocratic power is needed as an "emergency" measure to restore order. Count on it! And count on the "emergency" to never end and the autocratic rule to never be rescinded.

The passage of this monstrosity, 1867, (we can thank John McCain for it and other horrific legislation) is a sad, sad day for American Liberty and freedom loving people every where. The loss and sorrow flowing from the consequences of this bill will be beyond the means of human telling to adequately communicate.

Many who are lovers of liberty and advocates of limited government rightly opined the election of Barack Obama. But when we reflect upon the nature of the legislation that John McCain has co-authored and promoted, it is clear that the choice of 2008 was no choice at all, much like the 2012 election will probably be---That is,unless We the People, for the first time since Grover Cleveland, are given a real choice: Ron Paul.

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