Thursday, April 26, 2012

Governments, Human Freedom, Racial Hatred and Segregation

Birds of a feather flock together. Because bluebirds prefer to stick together doesn't mean they hate cedar waxwings. The fact that you don't want to live among others who are different from you does not automatically mean you hate them. But that is the knee jerk assumption that the American political left and the Federal government (which are one and the same) want people to conclude.

In South Africa today many are noting that things were better for both whites and blacks during apartheid. If some one said something analogous to that in America regarding segregation, the Orwellian thought Nazis would immediately shout him down as a bigot. They would never give him the shadow of a doubt. They would never, for a single moment, think that maybe the person saying this is doing so because he has the best interest of both races in mind, and his opinion is actually born of examining the evidence, all the evidence, objectively, and is not just the result of some long held bias.

The knee jerk accusation of racial bigotry is the standard attack on whites for resisting government enforced integration. Yet, when blacks freely choose "to flock together" and "rebalkanize" by demanding their own television channels, their own magazines, their own fraternities in colleges, their own student union buildings, and their own dorms, there is no analogous outcry against them. How much sense does that make? Does integration only work one way? Does integration only work when and where and to the degree blacks want to work?

Of all the injustices there are, you'll find the suppression of the free and lawful choices of human beings near the very top of the list--especially when it involves the natural right of freedom of association.

If people freely choose to integrate, nothing should stop them from doing so--with the operative word being "freely." If not, nothing has the right to make them do so--not any individual, or court, or administration, or document--for Freedom of Association is a Natural Right. The very arrogance of the use of force to suppress human freedom and rob the individual of his or her natural rights is, its' self, among the greatest of all human evils.

People instinctively resist force, even if that force is trying to make them do something that may be reasonably considered a good. 

Why would they resist a given good? 

They resist because they know in their hearts that it is profoundly wrong to use an evil means to accomplish a perceive good--especially when that evil means is the suppression of freedom. People want their wills unencumbered, and they instinctively know that the use of force robs them of their free will. And to the degree a man ceases to be free to choose he ceases to be human. Those who take his freedom diminish his humanity by degrees. That is why they resist.

To the degree a government suppresses lawful freedom and natural rights, that society grows despotic, cruel and inhuman. The federal government has done this very thing, and has, as a consequence, grown increasingly despotic, oppressive and controlling. In their arrogance, the leaders of the Federal Government have sought to do what God Himself will not do: take our freedom from us. 

Unlike the Federal government, God respects our created humanity and the freedom intrinsic to it. Grace builds on nature; grace perfects nature. So states an ancient Christian truth. In contrast, governments attack human nature by imposing the inhuman upon humans. In other words, treating We the People as if we are mere inanimate objects, lacking judgement and incapable of self determination---treating us as if  we are fit only to be manipulated as passive objects of the most recent social experiments, bright ideas and arbitrary tinkerings of Dear Leader and his cadre of elite bureaucrats.

Under the aegis of the false philanthropy of "equality," the elites in the Federal government have sought to grow their power and control over the American populace by using dehumanizing means and methods.  The effect has been the very reverse of what was purportedly intended.

The Federal government is playing a dangerous game, heedless of the fact that he who rides the tiger's back ends up in its' stomach.

They apparently failed to learn this one simple lesson from their one time adversaries, the Soviets. Achieving conformity of behavior by threat of force does not change hearts and minds--the very things that must change if race relations or any other kind of relations are to improve in America. 

Relations do need to improve in America--all kinds of relations. But government meddling and the use of force increases anger and resentment, and makes every thing worse. Government force hardens rather than opens hearts, creates a metaphysical balkanization and provokes the just outrage of a people who intuitively know that their natural rights are being suppressed.

The recent Federal policy of "artificially evening the playing field" in an attempt to correct perceived injustices in the past not only fails to help solve America's societal problems, it has made things worse--much worse. 

Such actions on behalf of the Feds do not result in justice, but compound injustice, setting citizens against one another in a legislative zero-sum-game, tearing the domestic fabric of the nation apart. 

The policy makers in Washington would do well to pay heed to Winston Churchill's warning, "If the past sits in judgement of the present, the future will be lost."

Only a people who do not fear the encroachment of a foreign power (government) putting their freedom, their families and their possessions under constant threat of loss can live happily and peacefully among one another, in justice.

Only freedom works.

Can I get an "Amen!"?

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