Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Economic visions for America and their Consequences

The questions that historians will muse over in future generations is, "How did the richest nation in the world, with the means to sustain its' prosperity for centuries, how did they squander and annihilate their entire wealth and position in the world, doing it in the span of only a few short decades?" Such madness is one of the wonders of the modern world.
And here's their answer they'll come up with--it is so obvious we won't need the distance of history to see it: the causal forces were many that brought the breath taking collapse of the Yankee Empire, but they were all primarily centered around a selfish, self-indulgent, cowardly, greedy, spineless, corrupt, ignorant, power hungry, depraved political class; a blind, and ideological leadership who, as the primary means of staying in power, spoiled and indulged the people with largess from their own money, stolen from them by the leaders in the form of taxes and inflation (the cruelest and most harmful, painful to the poor tax of all: the hidden tax).
The mechanism the politicians used to destroy America is commonly called "misallocation of wealth." Misallocation consumes and destroys wealth.
Proper allocation multiplies wealth.
It's the difference between eating your seed corn and planting it.
Eating your seed corn feeds you today but provides nothing for tomorrow, planting it multiplies it beyond measure.

Let's juxtapose that into the present situation.
Oblamer makes "the rich" pay their "fair share"--whatever the Hell that is.
Oblamer takes that money out of the private sector and misallocates it in order to buy votes from the non-productive.
This is tantamount to eating your seed corn.
What if Oblamer does not take the money, but leaves more and more wealth in the hands of "the rich?"

The rich then take the "seed corn," plant it (investment). It creates jobs for those who would have eaten the seed corn from the master's hand (Oblamer), and they have the dignity of being able to feed themselves, not just once, but for decades through this process of proper allocation of wealth.
The problem with this second scenario (in Oblamer's view) is that it does not secure the politician's power and increase the control of the government over the people. Proper allocation of wealth leaves the people too free, too independent, too confident in their own abilities.

Oblamer's thinking and methodology is the thinking of a slave master (which is what he African ancestors were, and many still are).
His subjects (supporters) are those who have abdicated their God given right to liberty for the security of the slave state.
The welfare, entitlement state is nothing more than institutionalized slavery, concocted to do nothing more than increase government control over the people.

In Oblamer's world of misallocation, wealth really is a zero sum game.
In the world of the entrepreneur and investor wealth is multiplied through growth.
What we are seeing at the moment and have been for some time is the welfare system devouring the seed corn that would have fed every one in the coming years. It will soon be all gone. Then what will we do?
I don't know how I can make this any cleared for your f**ked up collectivists.

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