Wednesday, September 4, 2013

US hires out military as international hit Squad

In an attempt to bring you the most pertinent of news, the Armadillo posts the following news flash!

US hires military out as international 
hit squad to Saudis! 

White House reveals new business card, in an attempt to use the military for profit and pay off national debt.

John Kerry, speaking for the Obama administration said today, "The Saudis are the first to contract us to do their international dirty work, but they certainly won't be the last. If every thing goes as planned we'll have that national debt paid off in no time! That was my plan. Did Bush ever think that creatively? No! No he didn't!! You should have elected me. I kept telling you I had a plan. But you wouldn't listen....!!! Not even Teresa would listen. Why did I ever marry her?! Oh, yes. The money...always with the money!!"

A few moments after Kerry lost control he was taken off in a White House padded walled wagon for more therapy.

Despite the disturbance the new business card was displayed and, SHOCKER!, it was 

a big hit with the press. Who would have thought it?

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