Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A post on tomwoods.com regarding Mark Levin

Mark Levin is a statist Neocon posing as a conservative. His Lincoln worship forces him to defend the very things he says he hates. He repeatedly rants on his radio show, calling Lincoln in exalted, sermonic tones, "A great man! A great man!!!" (Thanks be to God, the medium of radio spares us from having to behold the image of him frothing at the mouth while delivering such a proclamation.)
Levin is a man talking out of both sides of his mouth at once, as is his partner in crime, Sean Hannity.
This bit of brainwashing regarding Lincoln apparently happened to him in his youth, as he sat on his father's knee. It blinds him from seeing the truth about Lincoln and the consequences of Lincoln's policies and presidency. Therefore, he feels compelled to attack libertarians like Dr. Woods and Tom DiLorenzo, those TRUE advocates of liberty, who cut through the Lincoln myth and expose him for the tyrant he was.
Despite Levin's Lincoln worship it is clear he is deeply disturbed by what he sees going on today. Sincere though he may be, in Levin's desire to place checks on Federal power and defend state sovereignty, he cannot turn to common sense means, such as those found in Madison and Jefferson's famous Resolves, for that would be an attack on Lincoln.
Therefore, Levin's Lincoln worship and defense of Lincoln's war force him into a "work around."The fruit of said "work around" is, "The Liberty Amendments," Levin's new book that outlines a complex, convoluted, multi-generational, protracted and impossible process that no sane man could see as feasible--a process that cannot succeed, whether in whole or in part.
Lincoln worship clearly creates a condition of schizophrenia in Levin's thought.
I've written about this myself, providing a commentary on The Liberty Amendments. If anyone cares to see it I've posted it here:
Levin's Lincoln worship is the source of the cognitive dissonance and incoherence of Levin's thought and his daily radio messaging. Lincoln destroyed the voluntary nature of the Union, and he is apparently well on his way to destroying Mark Levin's sanity.

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