Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Club the Club


I contend, after years of observation, that these two groups who have seized control over the forces of government, these two groups posing as self-proclaimed "National Parties," are, in fact, nothing more than clubs.

Actually, in the interest of accuracy, they are two factions of one Club: the Government Club.

From the elevated position of membership these two factions with the Big Government club, use plundered tax payer dollars to vie against one another, creating policies that aggrandize themselves and increase their overreach and control of citizens, while harming the populace in countless ways.

As evidence that these two factions are little more than one club there are multiple examples of how they work together to make sure all others, save themselves, are repeatedly shut out of the political process, on the local, regional and state level just as well as the national level.

Without the money it is almost impossible for anyone else to get on the ballot, or gain a voice on a national forum. No meaningful dissent is allowed. All that is permitted is "debate" between two distinctions that make no practical different.

Remember how the Republican party, with the assistance of an ignorant press, even did all it could to shut out Ron Paul from the 2007 debates, even though he was a member of the Republican party.

Why did they want Paul OFF the stage? Because he alone gave voice to positions and arguments that really did make a difference. Because he was the lone, anti-Big Government, anti-aggressive warfare Voice--the Voice that has traditionally been the heart and soul of Conservatism.

Note the Republican party was as intensely interested in making sure these ideas from Paul would be silenced and kept from the American people as the Democrats were, because both of these parties are members of the one big government, big spending, warfare Club. And they're clubbing We the People to Death!

These individuals as well as their parties should be swept from the face of the political scene, post haste. But the people remain asleep.

Meanwhile, both of these factions are using their club status to shut out the Tea Party--after the Tea Party was largely responsible for the Republicans now being in control of the House. I hope Tea Party members and leaders are waking up to what betrayal feels like, and understanding that this treatment is part and parcel of the kind of "rewards" any group may expect to receive from one or both Club factions.

The Founders warned against parties.

The fact that we're now being Clubbed to death, our liberties are being attacked by these criminals making bad law, our monetary value is being destroyed by the wild spending to protect and preserve the Club Status, and that we've been dragged into one failed war of aggression after another by these knaves and brigands vindicates their wisdom.

I contend, after years of reflection on this matter, that support of either is a flagrant betrayal of liberty and the American Revolution.

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