Monday, April 21, 2014



Here's the kind of tyranny advocated by the Neocons infesting FOX news.

Britt Hume, SENIOR adviser for FOX, show the true colors of the Neocon Speaking this morning of the situation with Russian and Ukraine he said, "[the American]...people, as a reflexive reaction, don't want to get in involved. That's where a President has to lead--to shape public opinion [that's called propaganda and lies, I do believe] not simply have his policies shaped by it."

Riiiiiight, Britt. Just ignore We the People and obey your favorite special interest group: the war profiteering overlords.

What do the people know? Who needs representative government? Just let them shut up and leave the waring policies to Neocons like you and the other bloodthirsty chicken hawks hiding safely behind your desks dressed in your three piece suits.

The fact is, Mr. Hume,We the People resist this conflict for three reasons.

First, it's none of our business.
Second,WE'RE SICK OF WAR. Third, we're sick of the madness of your neocon interventionism, a la Woodrow Wilson. They're sick of the effects of the interventionism, the purposeless loss of the  lives of good, young men and women, and the massive COST.

Face it, Mr. Hume, you and the Godless tyrants with your false moral posturing, the consequences of your policies have discredited you and your corrupt ilk.

No argument need be made. You claim to be a Christian, and I also do. If that's so, by the criteria of Our Lord you are a terror and a fraud, for He had said, "By your fruits ye shall know them."

And the fruit of your policies is death; death, destruction, sorrow, lives ruined---for nothing. The only ones who have benefited from the evils you have supported have been those who have profiteered from the bloody, endless wars.

When will the Yankee Empire be filled with enough blood and enough power?

How Brazen is it of you, Mr. Hume, to shameless state the Will of the People be ignored?! In doing so, you have exposed for ALL to see, the Godlessness, and tyrannical nature of Neocon ideology, and its contempt for the people.

Neocons leading the warfare party, and the socialists leading the welfare party for the past 40 years have alternately and systematically destroyed what good there was in America and the American state, bringing loss, penury, and depravation on We the People.

Both of you, commies and fascists, need to go back to Hell where you came from and allow Americans to breathe the sweet air of Liberty once again, and live secure knowing the tyrants in Washington will no longer take the bread from the mouths of themselves, their children and others who labor to fund your cronyism, your sick social experiments, and your deadly international  misadventurism.

We DEMAND our country back!

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