Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A New Name for an Old Slouching Beast?

From a post about creating a litany of "liberal stupidities" on a social site:

"Now, C____, et al, some of you already know, and to others it will come as no surprise, that I consider the War Fare State Neocons as just the flip side on the single coin of progressivism. Stamped on both sides is the image of the early 20th century's two headed American dragon, Roosevelt (TR) and Wilson. 

These two different outlooks are, in reality, one idea working in and being applied to two different, albeit related, venues. That idea is simple: to grow an all-powerful, centralized, command and control, unitary and imperial state. Yes, when it comes to the nuances there is some quibbling between the two factions, but the effects are indistinguishable in the main. 
Obama, who has instituted an agenda more akin to Fascism than socialism domestically, has proven himself multi-talented. It seems he's an equal opportunity abuser, and has also gone in lock step with Neocon foreign policy. Of course, Bush was no piker when it came to domestic waste and overreach, so there's not all that much difference. But BHO takes the cake, as it is said. 

Now, I'm getting to my point, which some of you, no doubt, will find rancorous. ....Sorry.

These two forms, operating out of the pretexts of a false compassion and a false patriotism, have drained us of massive treasure, much blood and one liberty after another, to the point that virtually nothing is now left. (For instance, most of you reading and participating in this thread perhaps think we're here participating in this discussion of sorts protected by the first amendment. Let me disabuse you of such nonsense. We meet here because an all powerful centralized state has not yet seen fit to shut us down--a thing it could easily do by a variety of means. If they so decided there would be next to nothing we could do about it--nothing,at least, in the short run.)'s the liberal stupidity keeping the BOTH sides of "the one coin of liberalism or progressivism" in mind: 

How is it that, year after year, we send our best young men abroad to fight ostensibly for the purpose of winning liberty for others, while we're losing it by the day at home?--and it's all, ALL brought to us by two things that are actually one thing, which I will now give one term: ProgressiCons. Statists would do, but ProgressiCons is more descriptive. 

This to me is the liberal stupidity among the tsunami of stupidities in the ProgressiCon lexicon.

Riddle me this. 

Now, I said it, and I'm glad!

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