Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is Obama a Socialist? Not hardly.

An Arizona lawmaker recently offended Washington by calling Obama "De Fuhrer" on a Facebook communique. 

This is most certainly highly offensive. I, the Armadillo, personally find it offensive for two reasons.

1. First, I'm offended at such bad German. Obama is not "De Fuhrer." The proper term for Obama is "Der Führer." Oder, als Leute sagen Sie, unser Führer. But even with the proper German this lawmaker is way off base. Which leads me to reason no. 2. 

2. The proper term for Obama is not "Der Führer.  The proper term, as things stand, is "Il Duce." 
Permit me, your humble armadillo, to explain.

We must disabuse ourselves of the notion that Obama is a socialist.This is just stuff and nonsense. 

Obama is a collectivist by any and all means. The means he finds here that was ready and waiting for him in America like a tailor-made glove: cronyism. I make this claim supported by the following understandings:

This is the heritage of full-blown cronyism was the brain child of the Lincoln administration and the Radical Republicans who supported and elected him. Subsequently, it allowed the politicians to establish the Federal Reserve and institute and the so-called "progressive amendments" in early 20th century. Without the Great Consolidator, Lincoln, there never could have been a Teddy Roosevelt or a Woody WoodWilson.

The historical record is clear for all to see: cronyism was rife, taxation exploded, government increased on all levels, and corruption abounded in the decade after Lincoln's impromptu execution--all due to the crony system he and the radical Republicans (Jacobin Whigs) were able to easily set up without any resistance, because those who represented the rights of the people and the states (the southern statesmen) were no longer present. With Jeffersonians gone, Hamiltonians were like blind dogs in a meat house.

The crony system we now have, where businesses are privately owned but politicians and bureaucratic policy makers call the shots, is nothing new. It has existed in countless eras and in sundry forms throughout history. It did no originate with Lincoln. He received it from his idol, Henry Clay, and Clay from Hamilton. Most recently in history,it existed in the form of 18th century British mercantilism.

Henry Clay, Story, Marshall and, preeminently, Hamilton were advocates of this crony, top-down, centralized command and control system. Clay, being a bit inventive, termed it "The American System." There is nothing American about it. This may be the first example of the "new speak" spawned by America's Jacobin revolutionaries--the first example of what we now call "politically correct speech" today.

Clay was the system's prophet, but Lincoln was its full incarnation. In the first two years of his administration the radical Jacobin Republicans passed every bill and policy intended to usher in this crony system that had been resisted and rejected for the previous 70 years. The battle for decentralization was over, save for the shouting.

The past 150 years have just been the inevitable working out of what was enshrined in law in 1861-62. With White vs Texas in 1869, the last nail was driven into the casket of state sovereignty and individual liberty.

Later, in the 20th century this same fundamental arrangement of cronyism came to be known by the term "fascism." You may have heard of it.

That is a system we commonly say is "on the right." Der Führer was a socialist--on the left every bit as far as Stalin. Left/right, Schmeft/right--it makes no difference.
The working idea with both is centralized, top-down, command and control government.

It matters not whether the government owns everything, or allows citizens to retain the appearance of private ownership, while the politicians and bureaucratic policy makers actually call the shots.

The truth, therefore, is this: the one who owns something is the one who has the power and right to call the shots; to run, operate or dispose of it as he or she sees fit!

Therefore, in a crony-fascist system like we have, where the politicians call the shots, they, by virtue of calling the shots become, ipso facto, the actual owners, and We the People, we are their slaves and serfs. Wecome to the Plantation, fellow inmates. Obama is the present plantation owner. What you have you do not own. You only possess it and use it by the owner's discretion and grace. Abuse it in his eyes and you will find it taken from you. Government has enshrined in law a plethora of means by which your disenfranchisement may be effected, and government is watching. 

Have a nice day.

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