Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Remarks on a article

Remarks about the article posted below: 

For many Americans who consider themselves patriots the contents of this article will most likely be offensive. They will find it hard to hear on most every level--impossible, even.

For those of us of the south, who know what the Yankee government did to us on their way to centralizing power and engineering an Imperial America, it is clear that this article's contents is hardly hyperbole.

Indeed, if you will eat your own to achieve by force what you cannot achieve by a free appeal, it is hard to imagine how far you will go when you oppose those who are not your own? 

But, as fate would have it we don't have to rely on our imaginations. We have the historical record. It tells us Post-Civil War American aggression is a vivid landscape of death, torture, and destruction that numbs the mind as it confounds the imagination.

But vivid as it is, this bewildering landscape remains hidden to great masses of Americans. The cloud of statist propaganda over the American mind seems impenetrable. In the moment it probably is. But what will people whose minds are so blinded when it all falls apart?

A good friend of mine, whose father escaped Germany at the end of World War II, told me that when Germany was defeated and it was announced that Hitler had committed suicide, tens of thousands of Germans also committed suicide.

It is not hard to imagine an analogous thing happening here when Reality its self rises up to disabuse the multitudes of their government driven delusions.

One might reasonable ask why American propaganda has been so powerful and effective at deceiving so many of good will and good character. While there is no room here to investigate this question in depth, one thing can and should be said: to live in a land ruled by Hamiltonian statist who can always turn to Jeffersonian platitudes and principles as pretexts for their actions and policies is nothing less than a propagandist's dream.

It's absolutely true, as the article states, you cannot give people a democratic form of government. You can only assist them after they have made it clear they want it by strenuous effort--just as France aided the American Colonists. To do otherwise, to force democracy upon a people is to use this noble goal as mere pretext. And that, indeed, is the reality of the American government now; an evil force, dreaded and feared; shrouded in a cloud of pretexts and a tsunami of pretenses, all dressed up in empty, patriotic sounding rhetoric.

This cannot--CANNOT end well, and when it does end countless innocents will suffer here, just as our government has made innocents suffer in countless other places.

Personally, in thinking about this article, I would be remiss if I didn't note that the litany of victim nations of American brutality listed at the end of the article did not include the Philippines.

Filipinos did not want to be under US rule. They had suffered under Spanish domination for centuries and longed for independence. The defeat of Spain by US troops seem to them as if their moment of liberation had come. It had not. The account of the egregious acts of cruelty and brutality committed by US troops in suppressing the rebellion against US imperialism is beyond description and beyond imagination. In many ways it presages the tortures of the Nazi death camps.

I just heard a TV commercial a few hours ago that mentioned a family that had a proud history of military service. The last family member mentioned joined the military during the Spanish American War--a war ginned up by the lies of US Yellow journalism for the purpose of US imperialist adventurism and nothing more. When I heard the announcer mention the Spanish American War my mind reflexively turned to the Philippines. Then, in almost the same breath, I heard him state the presumed reason for this family's proud lineage of patriotic service: "...Because freedom is worth fighting for."
I almost lost my supper.

As a final observation: how sad it is when we must hear the truth from a reporter from Pravda. Even so, he who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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