Monday, November 11, 2013

Armistice Day 2013

I'm going to say this here, because few others will understand this rightly. 

Armistice day 2013

I'm DONE with the military! Why?
Because they are nothing but an arm of the exercise of Federal tyranny. 

It may be we have fought just wars in the past. The war against Hitler was one, for sure. BUT, we shoulder a lot about the blame for Hitler because of the humiliating terms Wilson forced in WWI.

Other wars, the War to Prevent Southern Independence, and the Spanish American War were monstrous evils and injustices, as was the Mexican war. They were not wars of defense, but wars of choice and aggression. They were unjust and imperial wars--wars of conquest, oppression and suppression. 

The evils of the war in the Philippines following on the heels of the Spanish American war is little known by Americans, but it is a period of shame that should have awakened the American conscience. But, it did not, because the press made sure few knew of it.

Since that time the young men and women in the American military have been little more than the pawns of the imperial designs of the American military complex and the Yankee, international bankers. 

And they have been duped into growing empire under the euphemism of "serving their country" by  being brainwashed into believing the absurd notion that invading other sovereign nations and killing tens of thousands of their citizens, most of whom are clearly non-military, is "protecting our freedom" and serving Americans. 

Nothing could be more false. The government lies to our military just as they lie to the citizens. To repeat, growing empire is not "protecting our freedoms." Rather, it is taking the freedoms of others--usually in the name of "democracy," and taking our freedoms by making us hated the world over.

I do not blame the youth in our military. I understand how they are yet unable to think with any depth. (If they were they'd not be in the military). 

I understand they have not been trained to think at all--they don't know how to make the critical distinctions needed to understand the lies and contradictions their leaders and politicians present to them. No, I do not blame them. I feel sorry for them. 

No amount of sincerity, no amount of sacrifice under false pretexts, can justify what the military is being used to do in OUR NAME, the name of We the People. 

The government is a renegade institution, lawless, tyrannical, despotic, and aggressive. The government cronies and thugs speak to us about "individual sacrifice for the common good." But they, as rulers of the government, are all out for themselves, at the cost and sacrifice of everyone else. 

The military is brainwashed into serving that institution of liars and usurpers in the name of patriotism and protecting our freedoms. 

I just can't take it. The rhetoric of this day makes me gag. I'm sorry for our young men duped into carrying out acts of tyranny by the false rhetoric of politicians. But to pretend this awful reality does not exist out of consideration of and compassion towards the families of the fallen is to lay the ground work for the making of more victims of Imperial lies and abuses in the future.

You who object say you're a conservative. So am I. 
You who object say you're a patriot. I do not doubt it.  So am I. 

Since we don't agree, I have a simple question to pose in the hope of finding some clarification for our manifest cognitive dissonance: "Exactly what is it you are loyal to?" 

Personally, I favor loyalty to peace, liberty and prosperity, and to treating others as we think we should be treated.

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