Saturday, November 2, 2013


I have been listening to defenders of President Petulant Prevaricator on TV until I could scream. I don't know who's the more dishonest, them or him. Now, it's my turn.

Say what they might, it's perfectly clear, what we have here is a lying, loud mouthed, know-nothing crook and confidence man, a low-life who will say any and every thing to expropriate the thing he most desires from you. 

Parse his words how ever you may choose. Parse them and parse them again, and continue parsing them until they are so parched and desiccated from parsing as to be incoherent and meaningless (which I assume is the desired end for the now "CYA" party). 

No matter how you parse them, it is perfectly clear to any clear headed person whose brains are not washed of its powers of reason by blind ideology, that the president's words were meant to mislead and deceive the American people into supporting a thing they would never have support had the WHOLE truth been told them. 

Failure to tell the whole truth is breach of contract and prosecutable by law. Failure to tell the WHOLE truth under oath is prosecutable under our perjury laws. 

Riddle me this: How is it the president is held to a lower standard when he makes promises to the American people than tens of thousands of average Americans are each day in courts and contract signings? Is it okay for POTUS to look straight at the American people and lie, just because everyone has come to think our politicians being crooks and liars is now acceptable SOP? This is an outrage!

Now, when you consider Clinton and his parsing of the verb "is" (I thought I knew what it meant until he opened his corrupt mouth) and now Obama, we're left with only one choice, it seems, a choice the Corruptocrats will just love, since it involves one of their favorite go-tos for campaign $$$: the ABA. 

Specifically, it seems whenever we hear a Democrat politician speak from now on we're going to need our own personal lawyer to explain what their words could possibly mean and their possible political and practical ramifications.

Maybe you're a fool. But my mother didn't raise a fool.(I tried. Lord knows, I tried. But she wouldn't let me.) Once someone has lied to me, and then, when confronted with the lie, that person adds insult to injury by lying to me again in the form of some absurd, far fetched equivocation that he or she stupidly thinks will convince me that the first lie wasn't a lie--I'm done with them! 

But, as many of y'all know, the old armadillo was done with that loud mouthed flim flaming confidence man a LOOOOOONG time ago. 

And as Forest Gump was fond of saying, "That's all I have to say about that.....FOR NOW!"

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