Monday, December 2, 2013

Are you a Socialist?

Most of the folks who see my blog would say they're not. But I wonder what they would say after reading the following paragraphs:

Are you a Socialist???
According to both Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek, you are if you are not an opponent of the welfare state and the whole system of “progressive” taxation that funds it. Socialism started out meaning “government ownership of the means of production” with the ostensible purpose being “equality.” But the socialists of the world quickly determined that it would be easier to allow (heavily regulated) private enterprise to exist and then plunder it with taxes to fund their utopian dreams.
-Thomas DiLorenzo

When you think about it, this is a brilliant plan. When America had slavery the slave master was face with several considerations.

1) First he had the high expense of buying a slave. The cost was very expensive, ordinarily taking almost a decade for the buyer to break even on the original cost.

2) He had to provide food, clothing, shelter and healthcare for his slaves. Records of the antebellum period show all these things constituted considerable expenses. The provision of these made up about 90% of compensation for labor, according to records.

This change in socialism, allowing business to remain in the hands of private ownership was genius. Because the government makes the laws, it meant that government could then plunder those in the so-called "private sector" as they pleased, but never having to worry about providing food, clothing, shelter and healthcare for those who are plundered.

Under such a concept, the government still, in reality, owned everything. It simply did not take everything, but graciously allowed "Private sector workers" to keep some of the fruit of their labor.

This provided the illusion of ownership for the worker up to a certain point. But it was not true ownership, because, at their whim, the government overlords could come in a take any amount they determined "government" (aka, the politicians and the connected special interests) might "need."

Put succinctly, ending chattel slavery and beginning the political slavery incrementally instituted through socialist programs greatly increased the number of slaves as a consequence of the so-called Civil War.

What we're beginning to see is that political slavery, owned and operated as it is by the government, unlike chattel slavery, is much more virulent, much more pervasive, and almost impossible to eradicate short of a complete revolution or---dare I say it---secession from the soul killing, cancerous government run socialist slave system.

Now, if a plantation owner in the early 19th century did not have to buy slaves and take on the burden of daily care for them, but could yet plunder any portion they wanted of their forced labor, these slave owners would have though they had died and gone to plantation slave owners heaven. This arrangement would constitute the slave owner's version of having your cake and eating it too.

Our central government, having consolidated all power in itself, having plundered the states of their sovereignty and instituted socialist programs and individual taxation of income, was able to realize that "heaven on earth," that "have your cake and eat it too" slavery arrangement plantation owners could only dream of.

What's more, "We the Plundered" have come to view it as normalcy, and those of us who advocate it have become the unwitting, hapless victims of Stockholm syndrome, defending with our last breath the socialist slave masters who rule us according to their arbitrary whim from Mordor on the Potomac.

The Russian people were never able to accept their Bolshevist version of socialism as normalcy, because it was a full-blown version, with government ownership. It was apparently to the Russian people they were under an oppressive slave system ruled by elites.

Until now, the genius of Fabian socialism and progressive socialism in America is that they preserved the illusion of private ownership. This mere appearance of private ownership has sedated Americans and made them increasingly accepting of increasing degrees of socialist control and oppressions, all done in the name of the public good or "the greater good," or "compassion," or some other such flimsy and transparent pretext.

But, as Lincoln said, we can't stay half-slave and half-free. Our elite government betters apparently agree, and are pushing for full-blowing government established and operated enslavement of "We the Plundered."

As a consequence, America is on the cusp of going full bore into the system that collapsed the Soviet Union. But our socialist leaders, blinded and overreaching due to their past successes here, are too stupid to see it. As with the devil at Calvary, as with Mr. Smith in the Matrix allegory, the very moment the socialists believe they have final and complete victor in AmeriKa  will be the moment their twisted, dehumanizing vision will collapse under the weight of its own corruption.


That's how I see it. What say you, Komraden?

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