Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have a Dream

I have a dream. I have a dream we can live in a land with a government restrained by our Federal Constitution and our liberty is protected. I dream of the day when politicians won't confiscate our money and use it to buy votes. I have a dream that welfare pimps and class warfare collectivists can't co-opt the death of a martyr and use his name to progress their racketeering. I have a dream that we can own our own homes without fear of the government taking it from us through never ending property taxation.
I dream I live in a free land where there is no illegal income tax, no federal reserve to destroy the value of my money in order to enrich their cronies. I have a dream I live in a land where the President is not a communist and the Speaker of the House is not a prattling, empty-headed magpie, and the legislators are devoted to the constitution and their constituencies, and not the lackeys of a so-called National Political Party and the special interests they cater to.
I dream I might live in a land where people live responsibly and have genuine concern for their neighbor, and when trouble strikes they turn to one another not some politicians who come with the quid pro quo of votes for welfare. I dream I live where government doesn't steal my money, robbing my children, to pay for the stupidity, laziness and fool hardy behavior of others, whether rich and poor. I have a dream where crooks are not placed in high government positions and can accuse and try to prosecute me of the very crimes they themselves have committed with impunity. I have a dream I live under a government who protects the most voiceless and helpless instead of making their indiscriminate slaughter a constitutionally protected right.
I have a dream where a race of people don't call those of their own race "brothers" and then sell the little brothers of those "brothers" drugs, rape their sisters, spread venereal disease, impregnate women and abandon them and then blame others for the problems that result.
I have many other dreams; living where Wall Street cronies don't skew the economic playing field for insiders, where thug unions don't try to strong arm their way into free shops and businesses, where perversion is called for what it is, where children are protected from exposure to lewdness and sexual abuse by perverts, where religion and religious values are encouraged instead of mocked, attacked and legislated against, where government doesn't meddle in businesses and skew markets, where local peoples can determine their own values, morals, religious expressions and are not terrorized by the Federal government or outside groups and enslaved by a tyrannical minority---and on and on. I have a dream I live in a land where each man has a right to live his own dream without encumbrance and oppression from politically correct governments, where a man who has labored to start his own business has the right to hire whom he wants and serve whom he wants, and where government is the protector of businesses, not their destroyer. I have a dream I and my children won't have to endure oppression from an aggressive, despotic Centralized Government that has overreached its mandate---so in this land of equality, why is my dream not heard and a day set aside to celebrate my life and my dream––why is my dream, allied as it is to the dream of the Founders and the Constitution, why is my dream only a dream?

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