Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts Afterthoughts

Parties are destructive to liberty and divide the fealty of elected leaders. So the Founders of our Republic rightly believed. The present congress is a clear vindication of their opinion. For that reason and others I believe it's important that the Tea Party and similar groups remain independent of the so-called national parties. In addition, it's been observed that most just causes devolve into parties, are taken over by professionals and further devolve into rackets, robbing the many while enriching the few.

In the League of the South we put it this way: our present central government is an organized criminal conspiracy. Many of the states, in imitation of the Feds, are not far behind.

In lieu of becoming formal parties on the one hand or being co-opted by a corrupt national party on the other, these populist groups should remain independent. Rather than merging they should work together while remaining distinct. Their primary task, as I see it, should be to find and support those seeking public office who believe in limited, constitutional government, states rights, low-to-no income taxes, the reigning back of federal spending and ending federal encroachments on our liberties and right to self-rule. Secondarily, they should monitor these candidates once elected, holding them accountable by making sure their actions match their words.

Such candidates are essential to stop the massive confiscation of $$ from the people by the Feds; starve the beast and you cure 90% of the corruption problems in Washington. Follow the trail to a carcass to find flies & maggots; follow the $$ to find the profiteers and crooks. Keeping $$ local will not prevent corruption––it will only cause corruption to be localized.

The consequence of shifting the theatre of corruption to the local rather than the national does not seem to have immediate appeal. But in reality it means the corruption can be more easily exposed and controlled. It will also do another critical thing; it will help shift the focus of the people to their local governments and communities rather than Washington. This will help give a new birth of the sense of patriotism, localism and community that slowly died as the central government grew out of control and increasing numbers became more dependent.

The Tea Party people have made a start to rebuilding local community the National Tyranny, uh, I mean National Government has systematically destroyed in order to seize increasing amount of $$ and control over our lives. Their agenda in regard to the citizens is plain and simple: weaken individuals by making them feel helpless and isolated. It has worked great–––until now.

Local identity not only needs to grow as national identity shrinks to a proper proportion, it must grow for a new birth of liberty and its preservation. "States Rights" and "Take the 10th" should be the cry of Americans everywhere!

Finally, in relation to what happened in Massachusetts, we owe a debt to more than the Tea Party, Campaign for Liberty, 9/12 style organizations; we owe Glenn Beck an enormous debt for exposing the collectivists in BOTH parties and their agenda; the Barney Franks, Pelosis, Reids AND the Lindsey Grahams and John McCains; both parties are poisoned with these central planners.

Progressivism is just another word for and form of modern collectivism; it is the enemy of liberty and republican government since its' goal is the centralization of power into the hands of the few.

As evidence for this we note that Progressives persistently attack capitalism, not because it creates big fat cats, but because it produces a lot of little fat cats; true free markets actually distribute wealth, making it more difficult for central planners to control and manipulate the people. Yet, crony capitalism is the handmaiden of the Progressives. They LOVE it! Why? They work together to consolidate power into the hands of the few.

Obama, arch collectivist and wealth re-distributor-in-chief, has demonstrated that definitively by his persistent collusion with GE, GM and select Wall Street institutions.

Despite the victory last night painful and important questions remain; will Americas awaken sufficiently? And if they do will they remain awake or be lulled back to sleep by the diversions of bread and circuses provided by the tin horn tyrants? Will they learn that power is seductive and easily overcomes the best of people with the best of intentions, and the preservation of liberty requires eternal and persistent vigilance?

We are always only one generation from sinking into tyranny and despotism. Americans must learn this lesson and practice it rigorously: Never pay attention to what someone says, only what they do. Application of this principle is destroying Obama and his cronies by the day, since the cognitive dissonance between his words and his actions, his promises and deeds is so glaringly obvious. Keep it up America. We're not done; we've hardly gotten started!

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