Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Armadillo announces 2010 Awards

The Armadillo announces a tie in his "Courage and Forthrightness in Broadcasting" Award for 2010. Normally the Armadillo waits until the end of the year, but the outstanding effort in this one category is so great as not likely to be surpassed or surpassable. Ergo, no reason to not bestow the award now:
The recipients who have tied for the Courage and Forthrightness in Broadcasting 2010 Award are Dallas KLIF talk show hosts, Jon David Wells and Jeff Bolton.
They are actually already receiving their award, which is the admiration, respect and active listener support of the Armadillo (and thousands of other Dallas listeners), promising to always opt to listen to them in lieu of the Big Media Big Mouth Neocon Shills, on other local and national stations!
Congratulations, Gentlemen. You not only have my respect, but my gratitude as well and my highest encomium.
As for the coming election for governor: I could not get through this afternoon to J.D. to make my voice heard, but here's my take:
I'm going to vote Libertarian or write in Debra, depending upon how good the Libertarian candidate may be.
I believe that we American voters have willingly accepted mediocrity, always being pushed into position of supporting the lesser of two evils. We hold our noses and vote for someone who disgusts us because the only other choice disgusts us more.
That was my case until Dr. Ron Paul and now, Debra Medina.
Why did she not win a runoff position?
Things are not bad enough; too may Texans are too comfortable still, and so they vote the status quo and keep on keeping on. I think this will continue until a sufficient number can no longer keep on keeping on. That time is not far off; the chickens are soon coming home to roost.
I think some where and some time WE MUST DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
For me, that some where is HERE IN TEXAS, that some time is NOW!
I am willing to vote my principles, even if it means taking a serious chance things might get worse.
That's not all bad. Things have gotten worse with Obama, and from that we have the good of the Tparty movement.
If this election has shown us Tparty folks one thing it is this: IN ORDER FOR THINGS TO GET BETTER IN TEXAS THEY MUST FIRST GET WORSE. At this point people are willing to trade liberty for perceived security, all the while endangering both.
That is unacceptable. I will not be complicit with perpetuating the system that protects the mediocre, machine, big government politcians.
A vote for Perry simply perpetuates the game.
The Armadillo

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