Sunday, March 7, 2010

The One Case where Roe vs Wade May have been right??

As both a human and an orthodox Catholic the Armadillo is categorically opposed to the taking of innocent human life at any stage. Human common sense informs the Armadillo as much, Catholic doctrine further confirms it.

This does not mean, however, that the Armadillo is not tempted to consider the possibility of at least one exception. For instance, the longer I listen to the brainless, incoherent ramblings of our present Speakerette of the House the more I think perhaps her position on abortion may be right, at least in her own case. If I let myself entertain that as, at least, a plausibility, my mind then begins to wander. For instance, I think if we can make an exception for her what about Neocons? Harry Reid? Keith Olbermann? Rachel Maddow? Modern Liberals and related lovers of the culture of death? TV and radio pundits who labor under the delusion they are conservatives yet are avowed Lincoln worshippers? People who drive slow in the fast lane? People who drive fast in the slow lane? People who speed into a parking space at the last moment you've been obviously waiting for? People who strike up neighborly conversations with the check out girl in the express lane of the grocery store? THE EXPRESS LANE, for heaven's sake! What about Yankees? Yankee sympathizers (Scalawags)? Yankee Bankers? Skinheads and white supremacists who co-opt the Confederate Battle Flag? Feminists of all stripes? Race and welfare pimps posing as social reformers? Social reformers posing as politicians? Manikins posing as news anchors? How about aborting state run schools--but they're an abortion already––how could I forget? How about our so-called institutions of Lower-Living (formerly known as institutions of higher education?) Hmmm, let's see, little tyrants and demagogues posing as insect brained collectivist wealth redistributors posing as political leaders? Keynesians? Lying radio and TV personalities who say one thing and do another? Think Tank employees who are responsible for inventing politically correct language? Okay, Think Tank employees in general? Movie stars who, because they were born with good looks and an ability to get their lines right (on the 50th take!), and who, though they dropped out of High School in their junior year, think they are none the less qualified to speak on subjects of philosophical, moral and political complexity and therefore broadcast their presumptuous ignorance to millions who are even more ignorant than they? And so it goes.

Indeed, I believe with a little effort I could add substantially to Mr. W. S. Gilbert's celebrated "Little List"---starting with where he left off; the lady novelist, I'm sure she won't be missed––Oh no, she won't be missed––nor will Neocon pundits of the fairer sex––fairer? Yea, right!

Just as the mental and political climate of America is looking a lot better to me (closer to the mind-set of the Founders) it dawns on me I could, of course, continue on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum---and that leads me to see the slippery slope that vindicates the wisdom of the Church in forbidding the whole process at the git go by simply rejecting all exceptions......still, there is the Speakerette...

The Lord has promised He will not allow us to be tempted more than we can bear. Yet, in allowing the continued hegenomiacal existence of Dear Speakerette He may have gone a bit overboard. There is, after all, only so much flesh and blood can take. On the other hands if His plan was simply to cause us to feel our weakness and cry to Him for Mercy His efforts have met with smashing success.

Lord, hear our prayer.

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