Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who's to Blame for America's pending financial Collapse and Corruption?

A friend recently wrote me comments on the problems of our government as follows:
Dear Armadillo
It is a government of the bribers, for the bribers and totally bought. Just depends on who wins at the auction. The insurance lobby, oil cartel, banking cartel, union cartel etc. etc. The average Joe is stuck and screwed....again...and again! Never really thought of it, but the entire elected government is bribed by their big contributors. That should be illegal but I guess it is not. Since the recent Supreme Court ruiling, now more than ever, any corporation, even foreign corporations can bribe, I mean donate to the politician who backs their plan. After that, it is a simple call and shoult out that there won't be a big multimillion donation unless.......

While there is much here to agree with there is also much that is problematic that is part of the Liberal statists talking points. Pity the poor politicians, who are just tempted with bribes beyond the point of resistance by the evil corporations and business community. Nonsense! I reject this description of things, not because they are often parroted by the liberal press and the statists fellow travelers, but because they simple miss the point. Here is my response:

Dear B––,
I can't disagree more with your analysis. I believe you confuse an effect with a cause.
One famous 1930s crook, when asked why he robbed banks, replied, "Because that's where the money is."
Well, these large corporations, DUE TO SO MUCH POLITICAL AND LEGISLATIVE POWER CONCENTRATED IN ONE ENTITY, must go "where the money is"-–Washington––to compete. These businesses and corporations must not only fight for market share, they must also fight for any legislative advantage that will help them continue to compete and survive–––and, God forbid––even perhaps...dare I say it; Prosper. (Remember that word? You don't hear it much any more today. I think soon Obama will officially expunge it from the American vocabulary. He's probably do it the same day he renames the green lady in New York Harbor "The Statue of Forced Equality of Outcome."
The fact is our system requires businesses to fight on two fields of competition, not just one, and this drives costs up while, you got it, enriching and further empowering politicians. It is a vicious circle of the worst kind.
Blaming these companies for doing what they must do to survive is like blaming a dog for eating a large pizza lying in a partially open box you left lying on the living room floor---Yes, it happened here.
Entities have a RIGHT to act in their own best interest. As I've said many times I'm sure many of these corporations and their CEOs would prefer never to engage in the seamy business of Lobbying and all that entails, but they MUST for survival's sake.
In addition, I'm sure many politicians go to Washington with good intentions only to be forced into the whole corrupt system in order to survive and do at least a little of the good they have in mind. So, in a sense it's hard to blame even the politicians.
So where is the blame to be rightfully placed? It's simple:
The blame lies in the incremental accrual of massive power in one place. The problem is a personal one only in as far as conditions present demands for survival and temptations only the most virtuous can resist. The problem is systemic. Centralized government has taken on it's own, twisted, sick, liberty destroying, totalitarian life, dragging all of us with it.
Statist like the Collectivist Obama drive government further and further in the direction it already wants to grow. Those of an individualist slant can only slow it down--a la Reagan. But they can't even stop it.
The fact is simple; ONLY WE THE PEOPLE will be able to stop it. Jefferson spoke about the need for revolution with a degree of frequency, costing the blood of patriots and tyrants (note he does not call a tyrant like Obama a patriot––for tyranny is treason.) This quote is often pointed out, but one thing few ever note is WHEN he made the statement: after the War of secession in 1776, after the Constitution was signed and he had been President.
The system must, by whatever means, be dismantled and some thing (or things) else put in its place. There is no other solution. Reform is impossible. The consolidation and concentration of power in one single entity: the Central Unconstitutional Monstrosity, Mordor on the Potomac we call our Federal Government, MUST come to an end if we are to regain our Liberty.
Once power is distributed as the Constitution provides, $$$ will also be distributed and the abuses of Fascism (collusion of government and corporations) will be significantly reduced and more quickly spotted and ended. But the real dividend that is most meaningful will be the cause of all other benefits: LIBERTY.
Remember Liberty?

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