Saturday, March 20, 2010

mush bimbaugh on Dr.Ron Paul at CPAC



  1. Excellent commentary, William! What the neoconservative Republicans like Limbaugh do not understand is that political orientation cannot be fully described by Liberal vs. Conservative dimension or continuum. There is another vertical dimension that runs from Liberty to Total Authoritarian Control, which means that a person can be fiscally conservative and primarily respectful of individual liberty or fiscally conservative and primarily respectful of authority and control, as well as all shades of gray in between.

  2. Excellent observation, Alan! Such distinctions are critical in separating the gray goo that perpetuates the back and forth ever deepening rut that constitutes the so-called conservative/liberal debate. Most people fall into this rut and cannot think outside of its parameters. Both these positions are rigid and authoritarian in their approach. They never think there must be a third way, the way of LIberty by which birds of a feather can flock together without fear of encroachment of those of another sense of "the good" and how to live it out. Thus, they remain trapped debating back and forth about what amounts to two opposing forms of tyranny.

  3. Actually, tweedle dumb debating tweedle dumber: your choice as to which is which.