Monday, June 14, 2010


It does not take very much research to find recent film footage of American soldiers all over the world helping people in other countries, especially countries in which the US has been fighting.

In those far away lands we see army engineers excavating and soldiers rebuilding buildings, many of which they blew up while taking the town or area. We see those soldiers becoming stationed there to protect and defend the inhabitants and keep the enemy out.

For two months oil has been spilling into the Gulf and much of it is now reaching the shores, ruining fishing and the beaches---devastating the economy of the Gulf states for years to come. The US Coast Guard remains docked, the US Navy fleet remains far from the Gulf. Skimmers and other means of removing the oil from the gulf are conspicuous by their absence, all the while the Gulf is ravaged.

Isn't it strange that our armed services can be at the service of every one in the world except the tax payers who have payed for the ships, the weapons and the salaries of the soldiers?

This is not an accident. Our Government is treasonous--it has repeatedly betrayed the American people and the Gulf oil spill is just the last of many chapters chronicling their betrayal.

The Obama administration is no exception to previous ones, except in this regard: it doesn't seem to try to solve problems as much as do whatever can be done to use those problems as a means of furthering their radical political agenda.

It seems unthinkable that an administration would purposely neglect such a serious problem in order to make political hay, but when you consider other possible explanations and the past behavior of Obama and specific individuals in his crew, nothing else makes quite as much sense.

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