Friday, June 25, 2010

Litmus Test

What is a Conservative? Are Neocons Conservatives? Is the Conservative/Liberal persiflage in Washington a vital dialog between two legitimate views of the American vision, or has it evolved into a badly disguised monolog meaning, save for a few subtleties, much the same thing?

These questions are often hotly debated by the Washington cognoscenti with the result creating lots of heat and little if any light, a result intended by both debating factions to hide the fact the two-headed emperor of Mordor has no clothes.

Beholding such folly the average citizen throws up his hands, goes into the voting booth and pushes one of two buttons that seems will do the least damage. But there no need to despair in the face of all this planned obfuscation. The whole exercise in futility can be avoided and desired clarity gained by merely asking and answering two simple questions of these two frauds posing as national political parties. The first question is, "Do your policies, programs and principles grow government? If the answer is, "Yes," then a second query is in order.

In a saner time question No. 1 would be the only question needed. But these are not sane times, these are times of madness––these are times many justifiably fear we have reached the point of no return––that freedom and liberty are gone forever from the shores of its birth.

Ergo, present circumstances demand yet another question must be answered: "Do your policies, programs and principles shrink government?"

The answer to these two questions make up the litmus test all Americans need to decide what bill to back or what group or faction is worthy of support.

When your humble armadillo asks these questions about the various factions presently infesting Washington or the legislation these insects generate he consistently comes up with a resounding, "No!"...with one exception: the Libertarians.

It is obvious that the terms liberal and conservative have no more meaning. So-called Conservatives grow government at much the same rate as so-called Liberals. The government is an unwieldy, unmanageable, out-of-control disaster. If ever there was a time for the much maligned Libertarian that time is now! Let me explain.

I ask myself, "If Conservatives grow government and ignore and abuse the Constitution just as Liberals what is it they are conserving?" As I listen for a cogent response all I hear is the sound of distant crickets.

Among the two frauds presently dominating the Washington charade there are no real conservative voices. Government in their hands is destined to expand until it explodes and the internal governmental anarchy spreads to every corner of the nation that very government has ruined.

But there is still some slim hope.

One encouraging yet ironic sign I observe in the present chaos of the Obama administration is this: Fox news, which treated Dr. Ron Paul in the most abusive and disrespectful way during the 2008 Presidential primary, has had Dr. Paul on countless times since Obama's election--and when they really want a real, authentic counter to Obama's collectivist madness they turn, not to Republicans but to Libertarians or those who have a great deal of Libertarian sympathies.

The voices of the old guard Republican neocons ring hollow since they have shown their big government colours. Fox news, despite its past antipathy demonstrates clearly the only hope Americans have of restoring liberty and Constitutional rule is to embrace Libertarian conservatism.

Supporting any one else in the present day is simply supporting more of the same; tweedledumb and tweedledumber. The only change you buttress with your vote then is the quantitative one of making impossibly big, over-reaching, unwieldy, tyrannical government even more impossible, over-reaching, unwieldy, tyrannical and...impossible.

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