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When most of us think about the term "anarchy" we think of anti-government groups that want no ordering in society at all. We have visions of rioting in the streets, broken store windows, looting, widespread crime and violence, helpless police and hysterical politicians on primetime cable news indignantly condemning the situation; a situation largely the consequence of their policies.

This kind of chaos and disorder is, of course, not anarchy and to say so is to confuse the cause for the effect. This is the effect of anarchy: bedlam.

So, what is anarchy, per se? To properly understand anarchy in its essence we must go to the great English writer G.K. Chesterton. In his book "Eugenics and Other Evils" he writes, "Anarchy is that condition of mind or methods in which you cannot stop yourself. It is the loss of that self-control which can return to the normal. It is not anarchy because men are permitted to begin uproar, extravagance, experiment, peril. It is anarchy when people cannot end these things."

One of the paradoxes that results when the principle of anarchy runs rampant in the ruling class is that the ruling class goes out of control trying to control every aspect of the lives of others. In other words, the rulers enter into a compulsive uproar extravagantly experimenting and controlling the citizenry to the peril of all.

This out of control practice of control (formally known as central planning) is the most common kind of anarchy found in government since the French revolution and the destruction of what the Catholic Church has called "subsidiarity." This uncontrolled exercise of control has been labeled variously throughout history in an attempt to distinguish between its various flavors: fascism, despotism, totalitarianism, communism, collectivism, consolidation, etc. No matter the name or the flavor the nature of the game is always anarchy and its ultimate ends are always bedlam: the sinking of society into moral, social, financial and political chaos, disorder, dissolution and destruction.

Of course, the more the effects of anarchy begin to appear (largely due to the undue and unfitting exercise of control) the more feverishly the controllers try to seize more and more control over more and more, further aggravating the effects they're trying to stop.

Their actions may be likened unto a man running from a bear into the waiting claws of a lion. That is called futility. Or, perhaps, a more apt analogy would be that of Thelma and Louise heading towards the edge of the Grand Canyon and instead of doing the sane thing of stopping they simply put the pedal to the metal.

Such is now the case of the present leaders of the centralized monstrosity, that cancerous, illegitimate out-of-control malignancy that has parasitically grown upon the Authority originally called "the General Government. The the sovereign states of America brought it into existence a little over two hundred years ago. One might say the General Government, as created, is nothing more than an amalgamation of delegated (not surrendered) powers and authority (not sovereignty) to help facilitate the cooperative efforts of the sovereign states–––not dictate and control them! The states put the exclamation on the intended weak nature of this government by stating beyond the specifically listed powers there were no implied powers. All else was (and, by law, still is) reserved to the Sovereign States or the people.

Those of us who observe our present rulers, gone drunk with the elixir of power, are amazed at their blindness as they heedlessly rush to destruction. But if we stopped to reflect our amazement would cease and we would realize they are simply caught up in the tornado of anarchy and cannot help themselves.

Those who would make slaves of us must first themselves become the slaves; slaves of a compulsive, out-of-control desire, a lust as it were, to control others. In other words, they are gone mad with power. They have entered into an interior delusional state of bedlam and the only fitting place for them is not the halls of government, for that is a place where the servants of the people facilitate the will of the people and do not control and manipulate it. The fitting place for these souls gone mad with power is an institution made for those who have lost all control--the House of Bedlam, the Madhouse.

This madness is partially our fault. We kept re-electing them to the point the constant allurement of power was more than they or any human could resist. And these so-called leaders are not "any human," they are special humans whose wound of concupiscence takes the form of a lust for power. The more they become the slaves of power the more they seek to enslave others by the enactment and exercise of lawless, inhuman and inhumane laws and "executive orders."

We cannot change them. But we can at least repent of the folly of mindlessly re-electing them, thinking that they are simply taking care of government business just as we take care of our tasks each day. They are not. Government is of a different order. It is the Ring of earthly Power no man can long hold without becoming mad and corrupt. And we do them the favor of rescuing them from the destructive effects of the Ring when we kick their asses out of office.

The American government was unique from all others in its inception: It declared those who hold the Ring of Power are not those who hold office but the people who put them there: We the People. If We the People are lazy and slumber, if we shirk our duty of political diligence and oversight, we risk putting those in power for such a long time that they begin to regard the trappings of power and, indeed, the Ring itself as their permanent entitlement and possession.

Only a slim hope for the restoration of liberty remains as the bright light of freedom fades from our shores and the darkness of anarchy and bedlam begins to cover the land. That slim hope takes the form of We the People waking and reclaiming the Ring of Power from those gone mad by virtue of its long possession.

In one sense we are fortunate. Unlike nations of the past we have a standard of normalcy to which we can return. That standard is not a matter of debate or conjecture. It is the Law of the Land. It is that long neglected and abused document called the Constitution. It gives us the road map by which we may return to a Liberty based society and makes the choice simple: the Rule of Law or the rule of man; the Constitution or chaos.

Now, get out there this November and throw the Bums out!

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  1. Well put. Here's an interesting etymology re. "Bedlam." The term is a shortened form of the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem, a lunacy asylum in London.It's safe then to say that the present events you mention in your first paragraph are indeed the stuff of madness. You're right, but then so was Tolkien