Friday, June 4, 2010

I too sing of Olaf...and you should too!

When one of my service providers consistently fails to deliver the goods I stop giving him my business. I either turn to a more competent provider or, if possible, do it myself.

There's nothing new here. It is just common sense behavior followed by millions of people around the world each day. What shape would our lives, families and homes be in if we did otherwise?

Now, what is true for individuals is also true for groups, whether those groups make up business, political or social institutions.

The Gulf oil drilling crisis serves as yet another colossal failure of the Federal Government to deliver the needed goods. Past weeks have not only shown the slowness of the Feds to react, their incompetence once they do and the proclivity of Federal leaders to use the crisis to promote otherwise unpopular political agendas, further investigation reveals the Federal government is actually preventing the state of Louisiana from acting on their own to protect the coastline. For example, when the Louisiana governor called for 24 sand barriers to protect the Louisiana coast line. The Feds approved only 6 while they could "assess the environmental impact."


The consequences of the Fed's bureaucratic roadblock, imposed while they are "assessing," has been seen this past week in heart rending images of suffering, oil-coated coastal animals published in newspapers and shown on news reports nationwide.

Gov. Jindal's plea to lift the suspension of drilling in the Gulf is apparently falling on deaf ears. It seems, despite their impressive size, Mr. Obama's ears are apparently merely ornamental––which raises some suspicions regarding his brain as well. (The only things of Obama's we know to date that function for certain are his mouth and his eyes.)

Unless the suspension is lifted thousands of jobs will be lost in Louisiana and rigs will soon be pulled up and taken to West Africa, not to return for years, if ever.

This fact apparently means nothing to Obama. Either that or it certainly does not mean as much to him as placating the radical environmentalists and getting back into their good graces.

Ah, Politics über alles. What else could be expected from a politician and propagandist like Obama!?!
What has the Republic come to when a sovereign state must beg both the material means and bureaucratic permission of Washington to do the logical things to protect itself and its people?

What unconstitutional exercise of power or perverse, wrongly enacted laws allow the Federal Government to prevent a state from acting in its best perceived interest while Federal leaders pander to their special interest supporters, pretending they need time to "assess environmental impact" while they are really scheming about how they can use the crisis to jam through yet another unpopular, economically damaging item on their legislative Wishlist?

Gag man: This calamity is nothing less than a mélange of outrages, a potpourri of Federal incompetence and ineptitude.
Straight man: How bad it is?
Gag man: It's so bad the Feds have even shown themselves colossal failures when all that is asked of them is to get out of the way and allow those who are ready and able to act to do so.

But nobody's laughing.

What this awful event, so painful to watch, is destined to become is nothing less than the "locus classicus" demonstrating the necessity and duty of the Sovereign states to exercise their sovereign power of nullification---and, if necessary, secession to protect the land and well-being of their citizens.

As I see the oil-coated pelicans suffering and dying in the gulf another ancient seabird appears in my mind's eye: the albatross. Its habitat is not some far flung Pacific isle, but a river in northern Virginia.

Decades of bad men seizing power have made the Federal Government a monstrous albatross, hanging on the necks of all the Sovereign states, dragging them down, choking, bribing, manipulating, coercing and threatening them, and all the while raping and pillaging the wealth of their hapless citizens.

The Federal Government is a failed Agent of the only true Constitutional Sovereigns, usurping their rightful powers, conspiring against them and their peoples and consistently refusing to be constrained by the Law of the Land set forth by our Founders.

The States have every reason to divorce themselves from this monster, this chimera of their own creation and not a single reason to stay one day longer in this abusive, one-sided lawless relationship.

The Federal Government has not only shown itself to be repeatedly incompetent and irresponsible. It has been consistently hegemonic and malevolent, passing unconstitutional laws, striking down constitutional ones, overthrowing the express will of the people, making regulations that are knowingly harmful to the citizens of the Sovereign States, and commonly using the corrupt and criminal means of bribery, extortion and coercion to accomplish their self-serving agenda, reducing the once Sovereign States to mere bureaucratic instrumentalities, used to pillage the poor citizenry they are supposed to protect. Were these the actions of an individual he would be imprisoned to languish there till death.

Why can the Federal Government do with impunity what a citizen would be sent to prison for? Is the Federal Government above the law?

The Federal Government has gone its own way. It has done so repeatedly in a long series of abusive, harmful acts over a sustained period of time. As the number of these acts increase the number of liberties We the People have proportionately decrease.

It is time for the States to also go their own way. The Federal Government has served itself only and is bringing the whole nation down with it.

It is time for the states to save themselves and refuse to allow the Feds to drag them and their people down the path of penury, enslavement, totalitarian, despotic rule and the end of American liberty.

Questions in urgent need of answers hang heavy in the humid summer air of the Louisiana coastline:

What will it finally take to fully awaken the States and cause them to unite against the Destroyer in Chief and his minions in the Federal Legislatures and Courts?

What will ignite the spark to inspire the Sovereign States to use every honorable and Constitutional means to deconstruct the systemic nightmare of centralized command and control?
What will finally cause them to stand and say with one implacable voice, "Non Serviam!" Or to paraphrase the poet, what will it take to bring them to say with poor Olaf "we will not kiss your fucking flag....there is some shit we will not eat."

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