Saturday, June 26, 2010

Biden and The Necessity of Comic Relief

In even the most serious and tragic of Shakespeare's plays the great playwright saw the need for comic relief. Now, it is hard to fathom a writer, no matter how great, conceiving of a greater tragedy than the one being presently played out in the once American Republic of Republics become Consolidated Empire dominated by an Imperial Presidency: thank you Mr. Lincoln!
Nature, it seems, not only agrees with this need, she has even indicated its proper locus: the Vice Presidency. Remember Nelson Rockefeller, Spiro Agnew, and Fritz Mondale? These guys were good but none could hold a candle to our present VP. And it's a good thing.
Obama's madness and the ensuing societal bedlam that is its consequence is both heartbreaking and terrifying. It is the stupidity, the folly and laughable galactic ignorance of Joe "the mouth" Biden that is the small spoonful of sugar that makes the unbearable self-assuming arrogance and belligerence of Obama a bit less so.
Laughing at Biden's Bloopers and antics has helped those of us observing this tragedy keep a bit of our perspective and sanity. (Him saying, "This is fucking big." was seriously cool. ButI personally like the one where Biden talked with Katie Couric about FDR addressing the nation on TV. As I recall he fell just short of saying, "FDR strapped on his jet pack, flew cross town to ABC DC studios and said, 'The American people need the assurance I'm in control of this depression. I want to address them, all channels, including cable, prime time, this evening in H freaking D!'") Good job Joe. There will be life after the Vice Presidency for him--he's SNL bound!
Say it ain't so, Joe! Who can top that!?! Joey boy, you're an inspiration to us all and give the dumbest of us hope of achieving high office and a fat salary despite never rising above our natural stupidity and indolence!
The necessity of Biden's presence in the Obama administration makes a good case for making the Vice Presidency a permanent position for national court jester.
The effect of Biden's presence also makes a good case for not prosecuting former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. Why? Because, if he is convicted he cannot be on the next national ticket. Let me explain: It is fairly clear that if the Oman runs in 2012 he will not choose Biden as his running mate. Clearly we need another clown, someone to distract, entertain and soften the agony of Obama's intolerable policies. The need is so great I exhort the Congress to act, for a change, in the interest of and with compassion for We the People.
The office of Vice President should and must be officially declared as the office of national court jester. Once this happens Blago will not only be the logical VP choice for the 2012 Democratic ticket, he will be utterly unchallenged in his quest for the office. Who could even dare come close to his extensive quoting of Kipling in the midst of defending himself? One second we're at a press conference about corruption charges, the next we're in freshman college English Lit class with a know-nothing, inexperience TA who couldn't teach his way out of a torn, wet paper bag--even if he had a flash light. Rod, my man, that was genius! The guy's a hoot and, unlike Obama or Biden, he's supremely likable––the kind of guy you'd like a play some hand ball with an then go out for a beer. (In contrast, the only thing you'd like to do with Biden is enter into a suicide pact.) See what I mean about Blogo, the office of VP and 2012?! He's a shoo in.
So, Pleeeeeze! Give us, the poor, huddled masses of helpless citizens longing to be free a break as we continue to tearfully and fearfully observe the systematic deconstruction of our nation by Washington Corrupocrats. Don't send Blago to prison; send him to Washington. After all, he's not nearly as bad as the majority of you, and, unlike you he's likable and funny. So, draw up and pass the Blago Act making the office of VP the permanent office of National Court Jester lest We the People fall into complete despair.

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