Sunday, August 15, 2010

Point of Reflection

What is the obligation of America towards those who come from foreign lands; lands with religions, customs and views not just alien to those common to America and our Founding, but hostile?
What is the obligation of those who come to America?
Do we have the duty to afford them full rights and protections and power to use our systems and our liberties to establish these hostile views here?
Or should those who come be afforded our rights and liberties only if they formally avow that they are like mind in matters of liberty, freedoms and rights and are, therefore, willing to give the same liberty to others, including those of their family, that they expect to have for themselves in American society?
Presently the America Imperial Government (former known as the Federal Government) gives foreigners all citizen rights and powers to use (aka: game) the American laws and system of government without the slightest requirement from them.
Presently, the American Imperial Government not only gives all these valuable gifts over to foreigners who enter legally, but to those who enter illegally, all the while persecuting and suppressing the rights and choices of natural born citizens.
Why is this and what can it mean, especially in respect to the relationship of American citizens to their government?
Any takers on these questions?

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