Monday, August 16, 2010

Protecting Liberty

Should all who seek to enter America be allowed to enter and afforded all the rights and liberties our Constitution provides, without any conditions whatsoever?

This Libertarian says an emphatic, "NO!"

Liberty, in order to flourish, cannot be indiscriminate. Liberty, if it is to survive and flourish, must be hedged about and defended by simple conditions and effective means.

One of those simple conditions must be the following: "Those who seek to impose their ways and beliefs upon others by force, coercion and intimidation while denying them the freedom of religion and expression they expect for themselves are not worthy of liberty and should be denied its benefits."

It is in the nature of those who love liberty to afford liberty unconditionally to others. But such naive thinking is the intellectual seed that destroys the garden of freedom and makes it vulnerable to being overrun.

Those who love liberty must never forget that the spirit of tyranny is alive and well in the heart of man. The Founders were well aware of this and sought to construct a system of government that would make it difficult for tyranny to gain an enduring foothold in the new nation.

If these ideas seem difficult and complex, not to worry. This simple one will suffice to inspire and maintain vigilance: There are individuals and groups who would use the gift of liberty to destroy the liberty of others.

These are persons and institutions that should be denied entry into America. And those who are already here who embrace and seek to impose such brutal, subhuman ideologies on others should be deported, for they have not come here to experience the blessings of liberty but to abuse and game the systems born of liberty to destroy liberty and ultimately to impose their brutal ideologies and draconian laws upon a once free people.

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