Monday, August 23, 2010

A Second Response on Ron Paul site

JC wrote:
“if we force this community center to move it will mean that we let the terrorists change who we are and what we stand for.”

First, there is no means of “force,”—what is being ASKED is sensitivity and respect. But that is not why I’m responding to this quote.
What I’m responding to is:
“it will mean that we let the terrorists change who we are and what we stand for.”
Just who are we? I can’t answer for everyone here, but I’m a Libertarian, but as I understand Libertarianism that does not mean I also have to be a fool. If it does I will cease to be a Libertarian, for I damned sure don’t intend to be played a fool–––especially by a force any and all except the ideologically blind can see to be malevolent and dangerous to freedom.
I’ve heard this over and over and it makes me nauseous. Such thinking in no way comports with reality or reason. It is truly mindless Libertarian Ideology—mindless, NOT principled.
Those who have a mutual, MUTUAL commitment to Liberty and individual Freedom can sanely and safely treat and regard each other the same.
However, it is not a contradiction, nor do we lose who we are, if we treat and regard those differently who hate liberty and whose only interest in liberty and freedom is the game the system, take it over and establish their draconian ideology and unique legal system. (FACT: The Imam who is pushing the Mosque is in favor of establishing Sharia here in America.)

Consider this analogy:
If I live in a community where certain standards of behavior are common, no one there says, “Let’s make sure that we always do all we can to accommodate and treat robbers and thieves with the same standards of free movement and courtesy in our neighborhood that we share among one another—if we don’t we might lose who we are.”
No sheep says “let’s all remember to treat the wolves the just as we do each other, lest we cease being sheep.”
Madness. Treating the wolf the same will not only not preserve your "sheepishness"- is the surest way of insuring you will cease to be altogether! Ah, but you would have kept your strict adherence to your ideology. FOOL!

It’s simple nonsense to claim we’re obligated, in principle, to treat those who want to steal our valuables with the same liberty and freedom of access as those who respect our valuables as we respect theirs.
Has ideology made mindless idiots of us?!?

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