Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Illegal Legal Eagle

Reflections on the DOJ dropping the case against the Polling Thugs of Philadelphia
The Illegal Legal Eagle

Barack's Legal Eagle has soured,
He said if you're white you're a coward.
His bigotry's bold
Not post racial (as sold).
And his actions? They're brazenly froward.

Burma Shave

Monday, June 28, 2010

Second Amendment Considerations

In today's article on the recent Supreme Court's ruling on the second amendment distinguished economist and scholar, Dr. Thomas Sowell, wrote, "When you stop and think about it, there is no obvious reason why issues like gun control should be idiological issues in the first place. It is ultimately an empirical question whether allowing ordinary citizens to have firearms will increase or decrease the amount of violence."

The great respect and admiration for Dr. Sowell the Armadillo has notwithstanding, he finds a rare moment of disagreement with the good Doctor. It seems that in this instant Dr. Sowell yields principle to outcome based thinking––the moral equivalent of economic short term thinking.

The second amendment was not included in the Constitution because the Founders thought doing so would result in less violence or fewer deaths than otherwise. (The Founders were not so intellectually poisoned with collectivism as we are to even have such a noxious thought occur to them, even fleetingly). The second amendment was placed there because defending yourself and your family from attack, injury or harm, regardless of the source, is a natural right--even, nay, especially if the source of that attack, injury or harm is an overreaching, intrusive and tyrannical government.

What of the number of deaths with or without second amendment rights? Logic dictates that if society is unusually violent and criminal acts are widespread then the second amendment may result in a relatively large number deaths by gun shot reported. What may be missed by the enemies of the second amendment who point out these deaths is the number of rapes, deaths by other means, and robberies that were prevented because the second amendment rights were in effect.

Opponents of the second amendment often talk as if taking away guns would end violence. It would not. It would not even end gun violence. It would just make that violence one-sided. It would simply put the naturally violent and despotic (politicians, criminals and military) in full control with no civil resistance possible. We, as a people, would be virtually helpless, just as the people in communist China are presently in their disarmed state. There anyone with a pocket knife with a blade over three inches can be arrested. I know that because I was told when I was there to leave my father's pocket knife in my hotel room because I could otherwise be arrested.

In an episode of All in the Family Mike (Meat Head) says to his father-in-law, "Arch, did you know 20,000 people died in the US last year from gun shot?" Archie replied, "Would it have made you feel better if they had been pushed out of windows?"


Archie's point? If someone wants to kill you they will do what they have to do---even if it means pushing you out of a window. Your only defense at that moment? The object you have to defend yourself, thanks to the second amendment and Patrick Henry! Bang bang.

One life was spared and one was lost. And the type of death reported to the police and entered into the statistics? Death by gun shot––not death by being pushed from a window. No footnote accompanies that statistic saying the death was the result of an act taken to prevent the aggressor from pushing the defender and others in his family out of the window of a room on the top floor of a twenty-five story hotel. Statistics are for bean counters and many bean counters, especially the idiological ones, think all beans are the same, especially if the total fits their idiology. If the number is sufficient a gun shot death is a gun shot death and can, therefore, be used to further one's idiological agenda. Hmmm. This, in a better age, is called lying.

The point here is statistics, in respect to the second amendment, are largly irrelevant. They cannot and should not be used to decide the second amendment, pro or con. It's nice to note that statistics do indicate that crime, violence and death are decreased where second amendment rights are widely exercised. (Who, thinking logically––as opposed to idiologically...or idiotically–– could deduce any other result)? But that is not the point––not at all. Nice as it is it's not necessary. The point is the individual has the right to defend himself from those who would harm him, whether they be crooks or despotic oligarchs or second story men. Any other "niceties" beyond that are just icing on the cake. But if the icing were not there the right would still stand!

And as Forest Gump was fond of saying, "That's all I (the Armadillo) have to say about that."


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Honorable Exit from a Dishonorable Situation

What can be said of the McChrystal flap? Everything has been said–––or has it?

The redoubtable William O'Reilly shook his head in disbelief upon hearing the news. He opined on the Factor that he could not understand McChrystal being so stupid as to allow such unguarded moments before a hatchet media man from a hatchet rag like Rolling Stone.

Mr. O'Reilly does not seem to be able to consider the plain facts and come to a logical conclusion. First, General McChrystal is not stupid. He is very savvy--including media savvy. He is also, by nature, a tactician and one of the things tacticians do is take calculated risks. With that in mind let's go by the evidence. Let's reasonably assume that McChrystal knows what he's doing and why he's doing it. What happened, therefore, was no accident.

What, then, did he have in mind by such conscious exposure to this media hack?

The armadillo must conclude, based upon the evidence, what he hand in mind was exactly what happened. Exactly what happened? McChrystal's exit strategy happened––his honorable means of exiting a dishonorable situation that cannot help but end in loss, defeat and humiliation. His dilemma after months of thinking about the situation and watching it deteriorate was how does a warrior quit without being considered a warrior who quit?

If this was McChrystal's intention he achieved it and did so brilliantly. If this was his plan the fact that not one of the media pundits considered it a possible motive demonstrates the strategic brilliance of the man.

The armadillo can't wait until his book comes out. Let's hope it's just before November.

Out of control

Yesterday your humble armadillo was innocently driving in Dallas and light heartedly turned on local Dallas radio. On one station a gentleman was going on and on about finding the elusive trout in a local lake and the best times to fish. Boring! But for some reason the armadillo continued to listen.

When the man had finished going over the fine points of what trout preferred on their breakfast menu the moderator said, "Now it's not legal to use chopped up game fish for bait. Isn't that right?"
The man responded "That's right."
The moderator asked, "What's the fine for using game fish for bait?"
The man responded,"I'm not exactly sure, but I think it's somewhere between $250.00 and $1000.00."

The armadillo was shocked. All he wanted was a bit of diversion from the traffic noise and what does he get? Yet another example of the micromanagement and excessive control of the totalitarian state.

Now, the first reaction most people would have would be, "A $1000.00! What a shakedown! What a rip off! I don't know who decided upon that fine but it wasn't a fisherman!" Upon further reflection one might also think, "This is disgusting. This is out of control. Is there no nook or cranny of our lives that government will not try to intrude or control? Has government lost all control in their lust to control everything and everyone but themselves?"

All good and valid thoughts, but they still miss the basic point. There is something more implied in this "law" that is much more nefarious and horrific than an isolated shakedown by a confiscatory government. There is something that is even more outrageous than government's intrusiveness into and micromanagement of every detail of our lives.

This law is just one of many manifestations of government saying, " You own nothing. Your ownership is illusory. We own everything, including you. One way we demonstrate our ownership is by dictating the use of whatever we lay claim to. You do not own your home or property. You are just leasing it. Stop paying the lease called "property tax" and see just how long it takes us to reclaim it. Why, even the fish you labored to catch and hold in your hand only seems to be yours. It is not yours. You have it only by our permission. We could take it away at any time. Even as you hold it we continue to control it by dictating its use right up to its very end. Transgress and you will be punished and punished severely."

Such is the nature of a government grown out of control as the people slept. The Wolf of the totalitarian state is at the door and its mouth is wide open. If we continue to sleep we will end up in its belly and "the land of the free" will be no more, for all will be enslaved by the dictates of the Monstrosity on the Potomac and its minions.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Biden and The Necessity of Comic Relief

In even the most serious and tragic of Shakespeare's plays the great playwright saw the need for comic relief. Now, it is hard to fathom a writer, no matter how great, conceiving of a greater tragedy than the one being presently played out in the once American Republic of Republics become Consolidated Empire dominated by an Imperial Presidency: thank you Mr. Lincoln!
Nature, it seems, not only agrees with this need, she has even indicated its proper locus: the Vice Presidency. Remember Nelson Rockefeller, Spiro Agnew, and Fritz Mondale? These guys were good but none could hold a candle to our present VP. And it's a good thing.
Obama's madness and the ensuing societal bedlam that is its consequence is both heartbreaking and terrifying. It is the stupidity, the folly and laughable galactic ignorance of Joe "the mouth" Biden that is the small spoonful of sugar that makes the unbearable self-assuming arrogance and belligerence of Obama a bit less so.
Laughing at Biden's Bloopers and antics has helped those of us observing this tragedy keep a bit of our perspective and sanity. (Him saying, "This is fucking big." was seriously cool. ButI personally like the one where Biden talked with Katie Couric about FDR addressing the nation on TV. As I recall he fell just short of saying, "FDR strapped on his jet pack, flew cross town to ABC DC studios and said, 'The American people need the assurance I'm in control of this depression. I want to address them, all channels, including cable, prime time, this evening in H freaking D!'") Good job Joe. There will be life after the Vice Presidency for him--he's SNL bound!
Say it ain't so, Joe! Who can top that!?! Joey boy, you're an inspiration to us all and give the dumbest of us hope of achieving high office and a fat salary despite never rising above our natural stupidity and indolence!
The necessity of Biden's presence in the Obama administration makes a good case for making the Vice Presidency a permanent position for national court jester.
The effect of Biden's presence also makes a good case for not prosecuting former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. Why? Because, if he is convicted he cannot be on the next national ticket. Let me explain: It is fairly clear that if the Oman runs in 2012 he will not choose Biden as his running mate. Clearly we need another clown, someone to distract, entertain and soften the agony of Obama's intolerable policies. The need is so great I exhort the Congress to act, for a change, in the interest of and with compassion for We the People.
The office of Vice President should and must be officially declared as the office of national court jester. Once this happens Blago will not only be the logical VP choice for the 2012 Democratic ticket, he will be utterly unchallenged in his quest for the office. Who could even dare come close to his extensive quoting of Kipling in the midst of defending himself? One second we're at a press conference about corruption charges, the next we're in freshman college English Lit class with a know-nothing, inexperience TA who couldn't teach his way out of a torn, wet paper bag--even if he had a flash light. Rod, my man, that was genius! The guy's a hoot and, unlike Obama or Biden, he's supremely likable––the kind of guy you'd like a play some hand ball with an then go out for a beer. (In contrast, the only thing you'd like to do with Biden is enter into a suicide pact.) See what I mean about Blogo, the office of VP and 2012?! He's a shoo in.
So, Pleeeeeze! Give us, the poor, huddled masses of helpless citizens longing to be free a break as we continue to tearfully and fearfully observe the systematic deconstruction of our nation by Washington Corrupocrats. Don't send Blago to prison; send him to Washington. After all, he's not nearly as bad as the majority of you, and, unlike you he's likable and funny. So, draw up and pass the Blago Act making the office of VP the permanent office of National Court Jester lest We the People fall into complete despair.


When most of us think about the term "anarchy" we think of anti-government groups that want no ordering in society at all. We have visions of rioting in the streets, broken store windows, looting, widespread crime and violence, helpless police and hysterical politicians on primetime cable news indignantly condemning the situation; a situation largely the consequence of their policies.

This kind of chaos and disorder is, of course, not anarchy and to say so is to confuse the cause for the effect. This is the effect of anarchy: bedlam.

So, what is anarchy, per se? To properly understand anarchy in its essence we must go to the great English writer G.K. Chesterton. In his book "Eugenics and Other Evils" he writes, "Anarchy is that condition of mind or methods in which you cannot stop yourself. It is the loss of that self-control which can return to the normal. It is not anarchy because men are permitted to begin uproar, extravagance, experiment, peril. It is anarchy when people cannot end these things."

One of the paradoxes that results when the principle of anarchy runs rampant in the ruling class is that the ruling class goes out of control trying to control every aspect of the lives of others. In other words, the rulers enter into a compulsive uproar extravagantly experimenting and controlling the citizenry to the peril of all.

This out of control practice of control (formally known as central planning) is the most common kind of anarchy found in government since the French revolution and the destruction of what the Catholic Church has called "subsidiarity." This uncontrolled exercise of control has been labeled variously throughout history in an attempt to distinguish between its various flavors: fascism, despotism, totalitarianism, communism, collectivism, consolidation, etc. No matter the name or the flavor the nature of the game is always anarchy and its ultimate ends are always bedlam: the sinking of society into moral, social, financial and political chaos, disorder, dissolution and destruction.

Of course, the more the effects of anarchy begin to appear (largely due to the undue and unfitting exercise of control) the more feverishly the controllers try to seize more and more control over more and more, further aggravating the effects they're trying to stop.

Their actions may be likened unto a man running from a bear into the waiting claws of a lion. That is called futility. Or, perhaps, a more apt analogy would be that of Thelma and Louise heading towards the edge of the Grand Canyon and instead of doing the sane thing of stopping they simply put the pedal to the metal.

Such is now the case of the present leaders of the centralized monstrosity, that cancerous, illegitimate out-of-control malignancy that has parasitically grown upon the Authority originally called "the General Government. The the sovereign states of America brought it into existence a little over two hundred years ago. One might say the General Government, as created, is nothing more than an amalgamation of delegated (not surrendered) powers and authority (not sovereignty) to help facilitate the cooperative efforts of the sovereign states–––not dictate and control them! The states put the exclamation on the intended weak nature of this government by stating beyond the specifically listed powers there were no implied powers. All else was (and, by law, still is) reserved to the Sovereign States or the people.

Those of us who observe our present rulers, gone drunk with the elixir of power, are amazed at their blindness as they heedlessly rush to destruction. But if we stopped to reflect our amazement would cease and we would realize they are simply caught up in the tornado of anarchy and cannot help themselves.

Those who would make slaves of us must first themselves become the slaves; slaves of a compulsive, out-of-control desire, a lust as it were, to control others. In other words, they are gone mad with power. They have entered into an interior delusional state of bedlam and the only fitting place for them is not the halls of government, for that is a place where the servants of the people facilitate the will of the people and do not control and manipulate it. The fitting place for these souls gone mad with power is an institution made for those who have lost all control--the House of Bedlam, the Madhouse.

This madness is partially our fault. We kept re-electing them to the point the constant allurement of power was more than they or any human could resist. And these so-called leaders are not "any human," they are special humans whose wound of concupiscence takes the form of a lust for power. The more they become the slaves of power the more they seek to enslave others by the enactment and exercise of lawless, inhuman and inhumane laws and "executive orders."

We cannot change them. But we can at least repent of the folly of mindlessly re-electing them, thinking that they are simply taking care of government business just as we take care of our tasks each day. They are not. Government is of a different order. It is the Ring of earthly Power no man can long hold without becoming mad and corrupt. And we do them the favor of rescuing them from the destructive effects of the Ring when we kick their asses out of office.

The American government was unique from all others in its inception: It declared those who hold the Ring of Power are not those who hold office but the people who put them there: We the People. If We the People are lazy and slumber, if we shirk our duty of political diligence and oversight, we risk putting those in power for such a long time that they begin to regard the trappings of power and, indeed, the Ring itself as their permanent entitlement and possession.

Only a slim hope for the restoration of liberty remains as the bright light of freedom fades from our shores and the darkness of anarchy and bedlam begins to cover the land. That slim hope takes the form of We the People waking and reclaiming the Ring of Power from those gone mad by virtue of its long possession.

In one sense we are fortunate. Unlike nations of the past we have a standard of normalcy to which we can return. That standard is not a matter of debate or conjecture. It is the Law of the Land. It is that long neglected and abused document called the Constitution. It gives us the road map by which we may return to a Liberty based society and makes the choice simple: the Rule of Law or the rule of man; the Constitution or chaos.

Now, get out there this November and throw the Bums out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Object lesson

We commonly hear about how our young people need role models. Well, the most diligent of our political leaders have obviously become aware of this need and decided to do something about it...out of concern for the future of our country.

They've gone beyond just deciding to draft and pass a law. They've made the whole affair personal and decided that actions speak louder than words.

Barney Fag...uh, I mean Frank...No! I mean Fag!....and Chris Dodd, by means of their 2000 page bill seizing even more control of our economy by the government, have provided our youth with a tremendous example worthy of imitation.

The object lesson these honorable and distinguished legislators offer future generations?
Crime pays!

Litmus Test

What is a Conservative? Are Neocons Conservatives? Is the Conservative/Liberal persiflage in Washington a vital dialog between two legitimate views of the American vision, or has it evolved into a badly disguised monolog meaning, save for a few subtleties, much the same thing?

These questions are often hotly debated by the Washington cognoscenti with the result creating lots of heat and little if any light, a result intended by both debating factions to hide the fact the two-headed emperor of Mordor has no clothes.

Beholding such folly the average citizen throws up his hands, goes into the voting booth and pushes one of two buttons that seems will do the least damage. But there no need to despair in the face of all this planned obfuscation. The whole exercise in futility can be avoided and desired clarity gained by merely asking and answering two simple questions of these two frauds posing as national political parties. The first question is, "Do your policies, programs and principles grow government? If the answer is, "Yes," then a second query is in order.

In a saner time question No. 1 would be the only question needed. But these are not sane times, these are times of madness––these are times many justifiably fear we have reached the point of no return––that freedom and liberty are gone forever from the shores of its birth.

Ergo, present circumstances demand yet another question must be answered: "Do your policies, programs and principles shrink government?"

The answer to these two questions make up the litmus test all Americans need to decide what bill to back or what group or faction is worthy of support.

When your humble armadillo asks these questions about the various factions presently infesting Washington or the legislation these insects generate he consistently comes up with a resounding, "No!"...with one exception: the Libertarians.

It is obvious that the terms liberal and conservative have no more meaning. So-called Conservatives grow government at much the same rate as so-called Liberals. The government is an unwieldy, unmanageable, out-of-control disaster. If ever there was a time for the much maligned Libertarian that time is now! Let me explain.

I ask myself, "If Conservatives grow government and ignore and abuse the Constitution just as Liberals what is it they are conserving?" As I listen for a cogent response all I hear is the sound of distant crickets.

Among the two frauds presently dominating the Washington charade there are no real conservative voices. Government in their hands is destined to expand until it explodes and the internal governmental anarchy spreads to every corner of the nation that very government has ruined.

But there is still some slim hope.

One encouraging yet ironic sign I observe in the present chaos of the Obama administration is this: Fox news, which treated Dr. Ron Paul in the most abusive and disrespectful way during the 2008 Presidential primary, has had Dr. Paul on countless times since Obama's election--and when they really want a real, authentic counter to Obama's collectivist madness they turn, not to Republicans but to Libertarians or those who have a great deal of Libertarian sympathies.

The voices of the old guard Republican neocons ring hollow since they have shown their big government colours. Fox news, despite its past antipathy demonstrates clearly the only hope Americans have of restoring liberty and Constitutional rule is to embrace Libertarian conservatism.

Supporting any one else in the present day is simply supporting more of the same; tweedledumb and tweedledumber. The only change you buttress with your vote then is the quantitative one of making impossibly big, over-reaching, unwieldy, tyrannical government even more impossible, over-reaching, unwieldy, tyrannical and...impossible.

Monday, June 14, 2010


It does not take very much research to find recent film footage of American soldiers all over the world helping people in other countries, especially countries in which the US has been fighting.

In those far away lands we see army engineers excavating and soldiers rebuilding buildings, many of which they blew up while taking the town or area. We see those soldiers becoming stationed there to protect and defend the inhabitants and keep the enemy out.

For two months oil has been spilling into the Gulf and much of it is now reaching the shores, ruining fishing and the beaches---devastating the economy of the Gulf states for years to come. The US Coast Guard remains docked, the US Navy fleet remains far from the Gulf. Skimmers and other means of removing the oil from the gulf are conspicuous by their absence, all the while the Gulf is ravaged.

Isn't it strange that our armed services can be at the service of every one in the world except the tax payers who have payed for the ships, the weapons and the salaries of the soldiers?

This is not an accident. Our Government is treasonous--it has repeatedly betrayed the American people and the Gulf oil spill is just the last of many chapters chronicling their betrayal.

The Obama administration is no exception to previous ones, except in this regard: it doesn't seem to try to solve problems as much as do whatever can be done to use those problems as a means of furthering their radical political agenda.

It seems unthinkable that an administration would purposely neglect such a serious problem in order to make political hay, but when you consider other possible explanations and the past behavior of Obama and specific individuals in his crew, nothing else makes quite as much sense.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I too sing of Olaf...and you should too!

When one of my service providers consistently fails to deliver the goods I stop giving him my business. I either turn to a more competent provider or, if possible, do it myself.

There's nothing new here. It is just common sense behavior followed by millions of people around the world each day. What shape would our lives, families and homes be in if we did otherwise?

Now, what is true for individuals is also true for groups, whether those groups make up business, political or social institutions.

The Gulf oil drilling crisis serves as yet another colossal failure of the Federal Government to deliver the needed goods. Past weeks have not only shown the slowness of the Feds to react, their incompetence once they do and the proclivity of Federal leaders to use the crisis to promote otherwise unpopular political agendas, further investigation reveals the Federal government is actually preventing the state of Louisiana from acting on their own to protect the coastline. For example, when the Louisiana governor called for 24 sand barriers to protect the Louisiana coast line. The Feds approved only 6 while they could "assess the environmental impact."


The consequences of the Fed's bureaucratic roadblock, imposed while they are "assessing," has been seen this past week in heart rending images of suffering, oil-coated coastal animals published in newspapers and shown on news reports nationwide.

Gov. Jindal's plea to lift the suspension of drilling in the Gulf is apparently falling on deaf ears. It seems, despite their impressive size, Mr. Obama's ears are apparently merely ornamental––which raises some suspicions regarding his brain as well. (The only things of Obama's we know to date that function for certain are his mouth and his eyes.)

Unless the suspension is lifted thousands of jobs will be lost in Louisiana and rigs will soon be pulled up and taken to West Africa, not to return for years, if ever.

This fact apparently means nothing to Obama. Either that or it certainly does not mean as much to him as placating the radical environmentalists and getting back into their good graces.

Ah, Politics über alles. What else could be expected from a politician and propagandist like Obama!?!
What has the Republic come to when a sovereign state must beg both the material means and bureaucratic permission of Washington to do the logical things to protect itself and its people?

What unconstitutional exercise of power or perverse, wrongly enacted laws allow the Federal Government to prevent a state from acting in its best perceived interest while Federal leaders pander to their special interest supporters, pretending they need time to "assess environmental impact" while they are really scheming about how they can use the crisis to jam through yet another unpopular, economically damaging item on their legislative Wishlist?

Gag man: This calamity is nothing less than a mélange of outrages, a potpourri of Federal incompetence and ineptitude.
Straight man: How bad it is?
Gag man: It's so bad the Feds have even shown themselves colossal failures when all that is asked of them is to get out of the way and allow those who are ready and able to act to do so.

But nobody's laughing.

What this awful event, so painful to watch, is destined to become is nothing less than the "locus classicus" demonstrating the necessity and duty of the Sovereign states to exercise their sovereign power of nullification---and, if necessary, secession to protect the land and well-being of their citizens.

As I see the oil-coated pelicans suffering and dying in the gulf another ancient seabird appears in my mind's eye: the albatross. Its habitat is not some far flung Pacific isle, but a river in northern Virginia.

Decades of bad men seizing power have made the Federal Government a monstrous albatross, hanging on the necks of all the Sovereign states, dragging them down, choking, bribing, manipulating, coercing and threatening them, and all the while raping and pillaging the wealth of their hapless citizens.

The Federal Government is a failed Agent of the only true Constitutional Sovereigns, usurping their rightful powers, conspiring against them and their peoples and consistently refusing to be constrained by the Law of the Land set forth by our Founders.

The States have every reason to divorce themselves from this monster, this chimera of their own creation and not a single reason to stay one day longer in this abusive, one-sided lawless relationship.

The Federal Government has not only shown itself to be repeatedly incompetent and irresponsible. It has been consistently hegemonic and malevolent, passing unconstitutional laws, striking down constitutional ones, overthrowing the express will of the people, making regulations that are knowingly harmful to the citizens of the Sovereign States, and commonly using the corrupt and criminal means of bribery, extortion and coercion to accomplish their self-serving agenda, reducing the once Sovereign States to mere bureaucratic instrumentalities, used to pillage the poor citizenry they are supposed to protect. Were these the actions of an individual he would be imprisoned to languish there till death.

Why can the Federal Government do with impunity what a citizen would be sent to prison for? Is the Federal Government above the law?

The Federal Government has gone its own way. It has done so repeatedly in a long series of abusive, harmful acts over a sustained period of time. As the number of these acts increase the number of liberties We the People have proportionately decrease.

It is time for the States to also go their own way. The Federal Government has served itself only and is bringing the whole nation down with it.

It is time for the states to save themselves and refuse to allow the Feds to drag them and their people down the path of penury, enslavement, totalitarian, despotic rule and the end of American liberty.

Questions in urgent need of answers hang heavy in the humid summer air of the Louisiana coastline:

What will it finally take to fully awaken the States and cause them to unite against the Destroyer in Chief and his minions in the Federal Legislatures and Courts?

What will ignite the spark to inspire the Sovereign States to use every honorable and Constitutional means to deconstruct the systemic nightmare of centralized command and control?
What will finally cause them to stand and say with one implacable voice, "Non Serviam!" Or to paraphrase the poet, what will it take to bring them to say with poor Olaf "we will not kiss your fucking flag....there is some shit we will not eat."

thought for the day for the Faker in Chief and his minions

I have two pieces of advise for the Oman and his minions:
1. Removed that band around his arm that asks "What Would my Marxist Professors Do?"
2. In regard to the following: CUT IT OUT!