Monday, May 10, 2010

The Excuse Cloaking the Reason

Jesus berated the Pharisees, saying they swallow a camel but strain at a Gnat.
That perfectly describes the stated attitude of the modern political left in regard to the situation on the US southern border.
Opining, as they do, that profiling might be a possible danger of Arizona's new law and using that hypothetical as a justification for continuing to do nothing but fiddle around as Phoenix burns is the height of absurdity, irresponsibility and political cowardice. For Obama to attack Arizona while self-righteously giving lofty little sermonets saying what is really needed is "comprehensive reform" (whatever the Hell that means) is the apex, the very summit of misplaced concerns and priorities.
Only a fool would believe that such are the real concerns of liberal politicians. Americans are not complete fools, and they know whenever a politician appeals to principle in taking a stand it is because he sees a personal practical advantage in doing so. In short, American's know an issue like "profiling" is just an excuse to cloak the real reason for liberals taking the position they do. More on that below.
Mordor on the Potomac seems to be utterly heedless of the fact that Arizona, along with many other states, is in grave crisis and on the brink of collapse. To be honest, one gets the sense the Obama regime could care less.
History records that whenever the Romans were in crisis they suspended their normal laws and conditions and did what had to be done until the crisis was solved. After the crisis they returned to their republican form of government.
No one wants racial or ethnic profiling to be SOP in America--but when circumstances force a choice between preserving strict policy on profiling (or some similarly politically correct notion) or saving an entire state and its people from falling into financial collapse and social anarchy the choice for any sane person is clear.
Unfortunately, the mad obsession of politicians for holding on to power and soliciting votes by pandering to special interest groups prevent the vast number of them from being declared with the vast majority of humanity as "sane."
With that in mind, it is not so unreasonable to conclude that the only time the leaders of the Central Government would actually suspend the laws and the Constitution and "do what needs to be done" to "restore order" would be when said restoration would provide them with an opportunity to actually attack, intimidate and kill US citizens––especially those from "fly over country" or the South.
But chaos is driven by illegals is quite another matter. Because, once established and "naturalized," they will form a formidable voting constituency no politician would want of offend. Therefore, our leaders can be counted on to exercise uncommon restraint and forbearance on them, even in the face of all out illegal alien driven anarchy.
If that happens the Feds may send troops to Arizona--but not to restrain, arrest and kill violent and rioting illegal aliens. Au contraire, the targets of their mission will be US Citizens. After all, the citizens surely must have "provoked" and "antagonized" the illegals. Past events have made it clear that, in the Central Government's view, everyone's outrage and anger is justifiable save that of US Citizens. It is the Citizen who is the problem, not the Illegal.
Sound absurd? The only other time the Feds had an excuse to attack and kill Americans and strip them of their rights they did so with a relish and fury that shocked the whole civilized world.
Since Obama is such an avowed admirer of Lincoln, one wonders just which Linconian acts of ruthlessness and tyranny Obama had studied most closely and which ones he hopes to be able to implement as a means of realizing "change". One also wonders what excuse he will use to cloak his real reasons?

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