Sunday, May 2, 2010

That Which is Afoot

There is a principle that is operative in the United States that has permeated every aspect of life here and affects every citizen on a daily, almost hourly, basis. It is an undeclared principle and has enjoyed no official enshrinement in our documents to date, yet it has been on the ascendency for decades and decades.

This principle has been present in seminal form since the beginning of the founding of the Republic in 1789 but worked well behind the scenes save for an occasional rupture here and there, until it burst forth into the sunlight in all its green/gold glory and gore in 1861 and began its rapid, yet unofficial, take over of the garden of the Republic, choking out all else and silencing all other voices. That principle has a name. It is called "Anarchy."

Now I'm sure many dear readers will object. They'll say, "This is stuff and nonsense and we won't stand for it. Why, we have lots of order in America. Why we have more laws, more enforcement and more control and more means of control and order than ever before in our history." All that is quite true. I will answer such an argument by pointing to Hillarie Belloc's insistence that the modern age is characterized by the triumph of quantity over quality. If quantity and control were the issue I would have to declare my dear readers correct and beat a speedy and embarrassing retreat. But the issue isn't quantity---the issue is one of content, of quality.

I insist that those who would buttress the objections of Dear Reader focus only on the "how much" while ignoring "what kind." Of course, in our present politically correct anarchic atmosphere that makes perfect sense. After all, inquiring into quality is an act of discrimination, and we know that discrimination, like profiling, is out of style in our Sham Republic (or as some have come to know it, "Sham Pow")

Exactly what is being supported by the massive amounts of power, money, technology, media, police force and our inscrutable labyrinth of laws, growing in number as they are beyond the power of any man to count or understand? It is a radical form of relativism, and relativism is the bad-boy offspring of anarchy. But you say, the laws are based upon precedent and their consistency is preserved thereby. I answer, even if your logic is flawless your conclusions will all be wrong if your starting presupposition is false. In turn, if your precedent is wrong all you build upon it will be increasingly corrupt and unjust. You will have built a structure of lawlessness by means of a lawful process. But to say more on this is beyond scope of my powers and even if it weren't it would take us too far afield of the subject at hand.

With that in mind and before I encounter any further objections let me explain what I have come to understand by the word "anarchy." I don't ask for Dear Reader to agree with my understanding, I only ask for him to consider my statements in the light of that understanding and decide for himself whether I be right or wrong. G. K. Chesterton, in his book "Eugenics and Other Evils" wrote, "Anarchy is that condition of mind or methods in which you cannot stop yourself. It is the loss of that self-control which can return to the normal." In another place in the same text he says, "The modern world is insane, not so much because it admits the abnormal as because it cannot recover the normal."

In such a world, in such a time, in such a nation, in such conditions, the abnormal becomes the normal mode of operation and identified as normalcy. All the ordering and controlling powers are then used to enforce the foundational principle of the effects of disorder, iconoclasm and chaos--- anarchy. What's more, since it has become the ruling principle the primary force supporting that principle does not come from once sedate and solid citizens turned into mad men running wild in the streets breaking windows. Rather, it comes from the seemingly ordered and debated filled halls of governmental power---when that happens the expressions of anarchy, one law, one judgment, one action at a time, are issued forth in ever increasingly oppressive forms from the top down.

Once this has been seen it is easy to understand that the most fearful, effective and destructive of all anarchies and the most difficult to identify and defeat does not come not from masses of average souls gone mad due to perceived injustice or privation, but our lofty and detached leaders--gone mad; mad, not from privation and penury, but from opulence and excess; mad with power, with greed, with love and devotion for themselves as they narcissistically contemplate the transcendent beauty of their own wit and wisdom.

Famously, Lord Acton rightly said, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." What he failed to say is that the fruit of absolute power is the institutionalization (read "normalization") of disorder and chaos---anarchy in the form of government, lawlessness in the form of law, arbitrariness as the principle of precedent. When that happens the most common name we give it is not anarchy but tyranny. No matter the name, a rose by any other name would smell so sweet...

These institutional takeovers of anarchy have done more damage and destroyed more lives than all the rabble of history running wild in the streets or all the barbarian hordes sweeping across continents stealing, confiscating, raping and pillaging.

Why is this? It is because as long as anarchy is seen as an alien force it is always met with some consistent and considerable resistance. Attila was a not greeted by wildly applauding crowds as he swept across Asia to the European Continent. He wasn't given the keys of the cities, honorary doctorates by venerable institutions, prestigious international awards, universal praise by elites and top leaders, nor was he offered great sums of money to accept speaking engagements or given red carpet treatment when speaking at commencements. No. He was resisted and this consistent resistance slowed his progress, diminished his successes, and lead to his ultimate undoing.

But once anarchy becomes the operative principle from within a system, once this abnormal and destructive thing is regarded and ubiquitously spoken of by all the opinion makers as normal, its progress is swift and sure, its effects are frightening and devastating. Resistance is regarded as seditious, for the enemy of the people is now within and has been officially declare a friend, while the true friend is now declared the enemy and tagged with slanders like "extremist" or "bigot" or "hate monger" or "traitor" or "divisive" or many other such related titles.

We have many famous examples of these institutional take overs and the normalization of the abnormal in history and they have always lead to destruction, violence, dissolution and chaos. There are so many of these examples it would be tedious for the reader to wade through an all-too-familiar litany, so we will limit ourselves and mention only a few. The classic example of anarchy that helped kick off the modern statist mania for the Thing is that of Henry VIII. In America we see its first manifestation in Lincoln, who was so successful that he was followed by other eager albeit lesser demagogues such as TR, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Jimma Cata, George II, and the new flavor of the month who would be King of Kings, Barack H. Obama.

The fruit of such cowardly leadership (I say "cowardly" because tyrants are always cowards, for those who are always looking out only for themselves and concerned only with their own image and appearance above all else are always cowards, and cowards always do the cowardly thing, which usually takes some form of bullying) took the first successful American form in the unconstitutional invasion of the newly born Southern Republic in 1861. It is now supporting another invasion, this time from, not to, the South. No, the Seven Southern Sisters have (unfortunately) not arisen from the dust of history to fight back once again for their constitutional rights---that would be the the normal fighting back and resisting the lawlessness and arbitrariness of the exercise of unconstitutional power. No, this southern invasion is coming from our Mexican and other South American neighbors, and it is just one form of anarchy that they are exporting to us, free of charge---that is why it is costing so much!

Our reaction to the recent anarchy and it multifaceted expressions shows just how deeply anarchy has rooted itself into the American psyche and how successful its charade as the "normal" has become. Let me explain with a simple example.

Now, the normal reaction to such an invasion of a border would be what nations have normally done throughout recorded history: assert their right to sovereign borders and act accordingly. That would be the end of it. But anarchy is lawlessness, and when the law makers and law enforcers refuse to act to enforce lawful and sane laws they are making themselves the slaves and handmaidens of anarchy. One would expect this from the top down for society's wise leaders commonly do the most foolish things. But in the present instance of the Southern Invasion we are seeing something quite different. We are seeing citizens in the streets protesting against their own best interest and in support of anarchy. This can only mean one thing, and that is a great number U.S. citizens are suffering from a national form of Stockholm syndrome. They have developed hatred for themselves and sympathy for those whose policies and actions cannot but result in the ultimate destruction and enslavement of the citizens and the disintegration of the Nation. After all, what nation that refuses to defend its borders can long preserve its identity and sovereignty?

In the midst of this bawdy and barefaced uprising of the folks protesting against their own best interest and in support of anarchy the voices of protest (a.k.a. voices in support of normalcy) are barely audible. When they peep through they are quickly shouted down by slanders.

If this were the only expression of citizens supporting anarchy within America's borders it would be highly disturbing. But analysis shows that the principle and operation of anarchy has hardly any resistance in any area of American life, governance and industry, whether private or public. What's more, the resistance that does exist has, up to now, seemed utterly feckless and impotent. Thus, every officially approve act is an act against the best interest, health and liberty of the citizens and the land.

One now looks for an a fortiori repeat of what happened in 1861, only the green shoot breaking forth today will not attempt to even rationalize its presence and abusive effects. No excuse will be given and none will be needed. It will show itself openly as the noxious weed of tyranny, announcing the Constitution to officially be what it has long been in practice: unconstitutional, and the Republic officially dead. It's obituary will appear in every newspaper and become the lead story of every evening news broadcast. It will be heralded as a glad and happy event precipitating our freedom from the suffocating and anachronistic constraints of the Constitution. Thus, the event will be celebrated as "liberating" or "freeing" under such a pretext. But no one will think to stop and ask precisely what is being liberated and freed and for what purposes. Besides those questions are beyond the citizen's right to ask and his capability to apprehend the answer. No need to bother, for it will be too late anyway.The Strong Man who can and will rule with an iron fist will have already come forth, unresisted and uncontested as the symbol of this great "liberation" and from there he will begin to do his worst to the helpless and hapless citizens.

Anarchy will then begin its Golden Age in the land of Washington, Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Anarchy will be in such full control that the nation will not only be no longer able to regain normalcy, the nation will have forgotten any such thing as normalcy ever existed, let alone that it ought to be recovered. Besides, there will be no time to reflect upon such things since all the citizen's time and efforts will be required to love, labor for and please Dear Leader and perfectly conform to his clear and orderly pronouncements.

Our national madness will then see a qualitative development, for we will no longer be in that mild form of madness that we see everyday in ourselves, our friends, our families and our co-workers; that common, neurotic and weak human condition of admitting the abnormal while being unable to recover the normal––while persisting in the effort. We will have advanced to the psychosis of calling the abnormal our greatest and highest good while actively persecuting those dwindling little islands of normalcy that still exist in the hinterlands of our liberty forsaken shores. The normal, on that day, will become universally slandered as perverse and its protagonists hunted down like dogs and arrested as criminals. On that bright day those obedient to Dear Leader will all hold hands, face the bright and rising sun and chant together, "I was my enemy but no more,
Government is my one true Friend,
work my rest, slavery my freedom,
Sacrifice for my one true Friend
my only purpose and joy."

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