Monday, May 10, 2010

Will the Real Government Please Stand up?

The Declaration of Independence is a document justifying man's right of self-government, the realization of which often requires an act of secession.

If secession as a means of self-government was available to our Founders but forbidden to us, regardless of the number and degree of abuses we suffer at the hands of the central government, we must conclude the whole American experiment in Liberty and man's right of self-government is dead, and has been since 1865. It was then Supreme court chief justice and Lincoln appointee, Salmon Chase, all but danced on Jefferson's grave, while gleefully proclaiming, "States rights died at Appomattox."

In other words, the tenth amendment is now feckless and superfluous –– an anachronistic relic, unable to accomplish its purpose: protect and defend the people's right of self governance. Which brings us to our point:

Either we must see the Federal laws and central governance of the past century and a half as illegitimate, having been seized power by brute force rather than constitutional means, or all government in America prior to that was illegitimate.

At their basis these two governmental paradigms are incompatible in both principle and purpose. Both cannot be authentic, both cannot be valid.

One is an imposture.

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