Thursday, May 6, 2010

More on the Federal Jihad

Ms. Chesea Shilling has written something I did not think could exist in today's climate: an article on Southern symbols that is even handed. For this I congratulate her. Her full article can be found at:

In response to her article I wrote the following:


I just read your article on the Marines and the Confederate flag. I want to personally thank you for writing a fair article. Amid all the hatred from the left and the present scourge of political correctness, no one stops or cares to stop to ask a Southerner just what the Confederate Battle Flag and other Southern Symbols mean TO HIM. They never think it can mean anything other than the racial hatred ascribed to it by the tyrannical victors in an attempt to cover up their crimes against humanity and the Constitution and hide the real reason the war was fought: Northern Imperialist Greed.

My experience is that when an endeavor is virtuous its goals can be stated plainly and up front. But when an endeavor is driven by evils such as tyranny, rapacity and the lust for power the true reasons cannot be stated, ergo a false, unhistorical reason is proffered as a justification for their evil acts accompanied, of course, by the ever-popular tool of the propagandist: the belligerent, indignant and self-righteous shouting down of any and all objecting voices.

It's all necessary. After all, who bothers with inconvenient and unimportant historical facts when you've got an Empire to Rule?

The question now arises as to why the South is hated? Why are Southerners under nothing less than a cultural reign of terror and an oppressive Federal Jihad to outlaw all things Southern? Why are Southerners shouted down and prevented from stating their reasons for honoring their failed war for Independence and their ancestors who died in that struggle?

I'll tell you why: The South is hated, not because the Southern Cause and its symbols meant and mean slavery, but because it represents that foundational, that quintessential American liberty without which there is no real America: Self Rule.

The same forces that caused, directed and financed the war in 1861 are still driving and financing that same Federal Government today, and they fear and hate the principles of American Liberty and Self Rule even more than they feared and hated them a century and a half ago. Their use of false history and the spreading of the propaganda of race and class warfare upon ignorant political and social factions who are all too willing to believe them, represent their primary means of denying Southerners and other honest men who would tell the truth about our history their right to be heard.

The lies persist in the form of false, historically unverifiable reasons for the invasion of the Southern Republic and the ultra-pious, pseudo-religious nationalistic, mythological rhetoric centered around a hated tyrant made into the grotesque combination of a martyred saint and Greek god.

Until the day arrives that the Nation can come to terms with its history and tell the truth about itself the principles and ideals of our Founders will simply remain what they've become under Centralized Federal rule: hollow phrases politicians drag out every election cycle and use to end their speeches, all the while what's left of American Liberty is being eroded daily by the same instrument that began the erosion: The Mutant Grotesquerie into which the Central Government created by our Founders metastasized in 1861-65.

But the real truth comes out, even from the lips of our enemies. It was in 1865 that Stanton or Seward (I don't recall which) said, "Our purpose is to cause men to love their nation more than they love their state." In other words, love this abstraction of galloping Empire more than the actual soil of Duncanville, Tx, Dallas County or the glorious Republic of Texas. Never!

It was also at that time Supreme Court Chief Justice and Lincoln appointee, Salmon Chase, all but danced on the grave of Thomas Jefferson as he joyfully, albeit unwittingly, stated the truth for the Federal invasion of the Southern Republic, "States Rights died at Appomattox." In other words, Centralization has triumphed! And as it was then so it is now, the only change being a fortiori.

Meanwhile many non-Southerners who come to the truth by reading honest history are often amazed at why Southerners have persisted and refuse to forget. The truth is Southerner's, like the Captive Israelites in Babylon, had sooner forget their right arms than forget the air of Liberty we once breathed, and like General Leonidas Polk, deep in our hearts we understand that "resistance to tyranny is service to God."

Thank you once again for at least being fair enough to see and state, if but briefly, the Southern point of view rather than just parroting the malicious cant of that devourer of Liberties, the Tyrannical Leviathan on the Potomac.

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