Saturday, May 29, 2010

The failure of central planning

Read it and weep folks.
Go to the site below to see what the Fed Reserve has done to our $$ since its' creation in 1913. (Keep in mind that from 1813 to 1913 prices did not go up –– like we expect every year––because there was no Fed incompetently setting interest rates as if they could predict and dictate human action, all the while confiscating untold billions in interest from the $$ they issue to We the People in the form of debt by the permission of the treasonous Congress.)

Prices went down between 1813 and 1913 because without the Fed the US $ appreciated. This little site that shows the almost systematic decline of the value of the US $$ is a testimony to the failure of central planning. OBAMA, are you listening you collectivist SoB!

I guess after Obama we'll be speaking of Presidential stature with the caveat of Affirmative Action standards.

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