Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's time to give a big Texas thank you!

This morning Trey Grayson showed why he is going to lose to Rand Paul in his bid for another senate term in Kentucky: lying by half-truths, voting with one of the two big government parties for more big government and big spending and being an establishment toady. Here are the specifics.

First, he said he was not a Washington insider (lie) and didn't have a father who had been in Washington for 20 years (true). But, he doesn't mention that Dr. Ron Paul, Rand's father, has been the no. 1 outsider in Washington for that whole time---unlike Grayson, Paul has voted against his party's policies time and time again in support of the Constitution. Next, Grayson said Rand would be no where without outside money from non-Kentucky residents. True. Rand has gotten money from lots of Tea Party folks from Maine to California supporting him. But Grayson does not mention the flood of non-Kentucky money he has received from the RNC, as the establishment golden boy. Finally, he mentions how he is so concerned about the over-spending in Washington, but neglects to say that if frugality were religion his come to Jesus moment would be an only a recent event---if that. The fact is, Grayson, unlike Ron Paul, has voted the party line with almost no exceptions; just the kind of guy the RNC loves.

While this is stomach turning and of immediate concern Grayson's half truths and distortions are not the focus of our real concern here. What we want to do is send a big Texas thank you to the voters of the 14th district of Texas that have repeatedly voted for Dr. Paul and kept him in Washington fighting for liberty and standing up for the Constitution. While many districts and areas have voted for political good ol' boys and hucksters like the late John Murtha, boys that would "bring home the bacon" so we can "get ours," the Texas 14th district has opted to send a man to Washington with the courage to stand on principle and become virtually the lone defender of the Constitution and individual liberty in Congress.

While Dr. Paul deserves our undying thanks for his tenacity and fortitude, we would be remiss if we ignored the good people of the Texas 14th for continuing to choose him to represent the interests of all Americans.

Their combined fidelity is beginning to bear fruit after long years of being ignored, mocked, lied about and laughed at by the Country Club Republican phonies and pretenders that infest and infect the halls of Mordor on the Potomac.

In contrast, the policies of the two Big Government Parties are beginning to bear analogous albeit sorry fruit; fruit that is diseased and rotten on the vine. It is yielding nothing less than the Grapes of Wrath for Americans and may cause what the Southern Confederacy failed to cause a century and a half ago; the break up of the states into different and competing Republics.

If, indeed, it all comes to the dissolution of the American Empire, there will be no army that can cruelly invade and enslave a whole people to save it, for the division will no longer be merely regional, pitting northern materialism, banking and industrialism with southern agrarianism. Ironically, the divisions will be numerous and widespread in large part because of the growing cultural and racial diversity of the populace, which has been the consequence of the refusal of the Imperial Government in Washington to act to secure the borders. Washington's anti-citizen policies cannot help but eventually backfire and serve to play a great role in the Empire's dissolution, just as Rome's loss of control of their borders hastened that empire's collapse just over a millennia and a half ago.

This time the centre will not hold, for the centre has shown itself to be corrupt, dissolute and feckless and, systemically, beyond repair; a ship of state that can no longer remain afloat.

If the American Republic is to be saved from its present "on life support" status, it will be Dr. Ron Paul and those who stand with him and follow him who will be responsible for its healing and restoration.

When and if that day comes I hope the voters of the Texas 14th will not be forgotten---and I hope and believe the voters of my home state of Kentucky may receive similar accolades for having sent his son, Rand, to support and continue his father's devoted service to American Liberty.

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