Monday, February 22, 2010

Come to Jesus

After looking at all the evidence in this Beck/Medina debacle me thinks Glenn Beck needs a "come to Jesus, Jimmy Swaggart/Jim Baaker moment"––and since he has no sense of the embarrassingly obscene or personal discretion he will give us a good show when it happens.

After all, he's already a world-class competitor with Swaggart in the quivering lower lip competition and a serious challenger to Baaker in the tearful collapse downhill race.
(Remember when Baaker got out of prison? He wrote a book titled, "I Was Wrong." Well, duhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

Wonder what title Glenn plans to give the book he will write when he gets out?
Oops, I forgot, he ain't gettin' out; HE MESSED WITH TEXAS!

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