Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ron Paul's victory at CPAC and what it means

Dr. Paul is getting on in years. Those of us who have followed him, know him and admire him do so for both his values and his character. He talks straight---not like a politician, because he isn't; he's an American interested in the good of the citizens first and foremost, not the health of the empire.
The vote at CPAC was about both character and policy, but more about character; BE HONEST.
I don't believe I'm an atypical Ron Paul disciple. Like many of them I never gave a damn about politics and felt helpless in the web of political obfuscation and lies until I heard Dr. Paul. What was the Paul difference? He was and is real. I was attracted to him as a political leader even when I did not understand or know if I agreed with the various positions he took or the things he said. One thing was clear: I could trust him. He was saying what he believed (and explaining it well), not what he thought I wanted to hear in order to get my vote.
Not only do I believe I'm not an atypical Ron Paul supporter, I also believe I'm not an atypical citizen. I believe they want the same thing in their leaders I wanted and found in Paul. The reason we don't have more Pauls elected is because those who control and run the political machines of both parties make sure each potential leader is just as corrupt, just as double-talking, just as much of a game player and back room deal cutter as they are.
So, Paul is an anomaly and until recently he's been so obscure and unknown few knew his likes exist. The response to Obama's dramatic socialist push has cured that to some degree, and, if the demographics of the CPAC vote indicate anything, more of the young have been cured than the old. And that's very good news for the future.
But what does the vote result mean in more immediate and practical terms?
What does it reveal about the mood and psyche of today's voter?
As I said, I don't think I'm atypical, so I beg your pardon and forbearance for doing a little, what I think is, valid projection.
Of course Americans want good policy that will benefit us and our progeny. But the medium will be unable to accomplish the message without clarity and trust. (Having lost that see how feckless Obama has become?)
Clarity and trust are to be treasured over agreement, even in personal friendships. What is true for our personal lives holds true for our political and business relationships.
I have all three of these treasured things with Dr.Paul, but I don't think the American people have to agree with a candidate on every issue to support him. But they do need to trust him all the time.
Let me give you a ferinstance of most recent memory. I've been a Glenn beck fan and learned some things from his programs on FOX. Other things, of course, I understand to be wrong that he has presented. But I did not give up on him, because I could not prove he was being purposely deceitful. The goodness of his will had not been discredited by my being able to disprove some of his ideas and "facts." That has now all changed. Here's how:
To put it bluntly, Glenn Beck came here to Texas, attacked a fine, honest candidate who holds the very values he has been promoting all last year and supported our Neocon, establishment governor.
To add insult to injury, he then lied by falsifying material on a broadcast that was nothing but a lame attempt to justify himself. When I heard the broadcast I couldn't believe my ears! It's undeniable: He's a proven liar, and why he's really done what he did has not been made clear. How can he be trusted any more?
I'm done with him, not because of disagreement but distrust!
He lied and purposely tried to deceive tens of thousands of Texans with malice aforethought. He's shown himself to be like the rest. This is the kind of "leader" We the People don't want and don't need. He can't be honest with hardly more than a year of national notoriety, but sells out a Tea Party supported candidate for a powerful Neocon two-time incumbent looking for a third term! This is utterly contrary to all he has said this past year!
I laughed scornfully and out loud when I saw NewsMax headlines: Beck bashes GOP at CPAC. What? He bashed the GOP in DC but in Texas is their lapdog?
What's that about? We don't know, because Beck has not been....transparent. I guess he's playing by Obama rules when it comes to himself.
In contrast, Dr. Paul has been doing his work faithfully for years and years, and most of those faithful years he's been doing them with no one watching at all, except those trying to destroy him––of course, that hasn't stopped. They will be hoisted on their own petards. Eat crow neocons! (It's all we'll be able to afford after your crazed spending spree.) In the meantime, Dr. Paul has shown more and more Americans we've been asleep at the wheel, and when we have become half awake enough to vote, we've had woefully low standards. What we deserve is a moot point. The fact is, we need good policy, clarity and character, if We the People are to survive the DC Party Machine policy train wreck going on now. But as far as a leader goes, we must start with character, with someone who shows his or herself to be trustworthy. Without that policy and agreement are meaningless anyway.

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